Auto Body Car Frame Straightening Techniques in Lancaster, TX to Fix Bent Frame Damage

Frame straightening is a basic part of body restoration. Things get bent when they collide and just fixing up the skin can leave a lot of headaches if not addressed. Even minor collisions can affect the frame and the car’s handling. Frame damage occurs in about 50% or 1 out 2 collisions, so it is very common.

Auto Body Frame Machine

Most body shops invest in a frame machine. This is equipped with hydraulic systems to aid straightening the frame. Some use line-of-sight lasers to provide reference for the frame. Others utilize sonic transmitters to access damage. Many frames leaving an autobody shop straighter then when it rolled off the assembly line.

How to Fix Bent Frame Damage on a Car

The vehicle is clamped firmly in place. Chains are attached to specific points on the car’s frame. This is based on the diagnostic work done preliminary to the straightening procedure. Tension via hydraulics pulls the frame into shape. Electronic measurement instruments in modern machines assure compliance within the factory specifications.

Why is a Straight Car Frame Important?

The frame dictates handling and proper tracking of the rear wheels. If they don’t track right, they can disrupt proper handling and cause severe wear on components and tires. A bent rear axle housing can affect tracking but axle components as well. A bent housing puts a lot of pressure on axle bearings causing premature failure. The bent house means the axle must flex in its rotation to accommodate this new alignment and possible over flexing can cause metal fatigue to eventual cause the axle to fail, though the bearings will probably go first. On the front end the tire geometry is affected. Caster, camber and toe-in are affected. As your car or truck begins to move forward, drag between the road and tires tend to bow the front of the tire out, meaning your tires are going down the road slightly sideways. Setting the front of tires with a slight tow-in with the front of the between tire measurement slightly less than the rear between the rear tire measurement allows the tires to assume straight alignment with the direction of travel when moving.As you roll down the highway your car’s suspension is working hard, even on relatively smooth paved roads. As the tires bounce up and down, the suspension geometry changes. To compensate for load and travel the tires have a slight camber to the wheels. The top of the tire tilts outward a bit and allow for the geometry to provide the most control and comfort we can experience while traveling. Caster is related to how casters work on furniture and tool boxes, as the name is implied refers to the forward or rearward cant of the steering point or the kingpin angle. Kingpins are a holdover from the straight front axle days. Rearward cant is what allows the wheels to straighten up with out steering and is the stable configuration. But on sports and performance cars the cant has been slight forward for quicker steering. Caster and camber are measured in degrees using the vertical as a reference. Tow-in in linear measurement, inches or centimeters or millimeters.

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For the steering to be neutral, it doesn’t pull side to side, at least excessively and to aid steering everything needs to be within factory specs. Needless to say, a bent frame could make all this unattainable. Top Notch Body Shop & Mechanic can handle all your car frame straightening and other auto body needs. Call us today!

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