How Long Does it Take for Rust to Form on a Car, How to Prevent in Rowlett, TX; Rust Removal Restoration & More

Is your car developing rust? Rust on your vehicle is never a good thing to develop. Rust will need to be quickly dealt with to prevent further spread and erosion of the car. Large patches of rust weakens the vehicle’s integrity and greatly lowers the vehicle’s resale value. For those who notice rust developing on your vehicle and are looking for answers, Top Notch Body Shop & Mechanic will share what causes rust and what to do if you have rust on your car.

Causes of Rusting?

Rust on a vehicle occurs when iron oxide forms on an iron containing metal such as steel. When the iron oxide is exposed to oxygen and moisture for long periods of time, you will begin to see rust. An automobile’s body uses steel as it is durable and easy to mold. However, the automobile body is prone to rusting as steel contains iron. Newer model vehicles use less steel than older vehicles. Newer models often use galvanized steel which is less prone to rust and is protected with paint. It is odd for a newer vehicle to develop rust due to the protective paint and galvanized steel. However, some sections of modern cars use steel such as in the doors and panels which can develop rust if the paint has been compromised. Rust will form if the paint has been damaged, allowing moisture and oxygen to effect the steel.

How to Prevent Rust

Rust is a more common issue in certain locations such as we find in Dallas, Texas. Here in Dallas, we have humidity between 80% to 90% throughout the year. Due to our high humidity, the moisture in the air has its effect on our vehicles. Here in Texas, rust is a common problem, which is why it is important to take steps to prevent rust and quickly react when rust first develops. For those who live in Texas, it is important to take steps to protect your vehicle from rusting. To prevent rust you have a number of different options. One is an Electronic module, which is one of the newest ways to prevent rust. A small electronic device is installed in the vehicle and emits a weak current throughout the body of the car which prevents the iron reaction to oxygen. Another method uses a tar-based spray that you can apply to rust sites that prevent the rust from spreading. There is a dripless oil spray that helps to seal out moisture and can be applied to damaged areas or areas prone to rusting. There is also a drip oil spray which seals out moisture and is considered to be more effective.

Rust Removal Car Restoration

When rust forms you will want to seek out auto body repairs. Rust will need to be sanded off the body of the vehicle and then the vehicle will need to be repainted. Rust forms because the paint has been compromised. To prevent the rust from spreading, it will need to be removed, treated, and the vehicle will need to be repainted. If the rust begins to eat through the metal, at this point it is too late to repair the body. The body part will need to be replaced, which is much more costly.

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