What are the Most Common Repairs that Auto Body Shops Do in Grapevine, TX?

A common request among Dallas vehicle owners is auto body repair. Accidents unfortunately happen every day from collisions to fender benders.  Panels are left with dents and scratches on cars, along with scraped paint and other damage.   Today, we at Top Notch Body Shop & Mechanic would like to share most common auto body repair shop services are.

Common Auto Body Shop Repairs

Generally, damage is involved with the following:

  • Windshields
  • Paint
  • Fenders
  • Dents
  • Bumpers

Fixing Car Dents

Dents are among the most common results of motor vehicle collisions.  Without even trying, you may get a dent. Dents can occur when park your car too close to others in the grocery store parking lot and someone’s door dinged yours.  An errant shopping cart or simple fender bender may be the source.  Dents are usually easy to repair with quick action.   After you experience a dent, do not wait to get it fixed.  Defects tend to deteriorate quickly since dents are on the surface.  Dents come with some kind of paint scratch.  Moisture can get underneath, rusting the metal when the paint is scratched off.  Take your vehicle to an experienced auto body shop sooner rather than later.               

Car Paint Job

Scratches require a paint job.    Whether if it is someone keying your vehicle, kid scratched his bike handles against your door, or whatever the cause, leaves your vehicle vulnerable.  If left untreated, paint scratches and rock chips will lead to rust and other kinds of damage.  These issues will cause long-term damage to your car’s paint job and underlying metal.

Repair Damaged Windshield

A car collision or any impact such as a foul ball or falling tree limb can result in a cracked windshield.  These accidents can scratch and otherwise damage the paint job on your roof and hood, as well as your rear-view mirrors and windows in addition to cracking your windshield.   To avoid a safety issue, it is important to get your windshield, mirrors and other windows repaired as quickly as possible.   Compromising the structural integrity of the glass, and leading to tragic outcomes, even the smallest of cracks can get worse over time.  Repairing your windshield will ensure you can see without hindrance while driving at the very least.                

Bumper Repairs

Bumpers serve a very important purpose, as they take the brunt of small collisions and impacts, shielding the rest of the auto body from damage.   Happening quite frequently is the cracks, scrapes, and other types of damage to your bumpers.  For damage to occur, you don’t even need to be in much of a collision.   It is critical that you can bring your vehicle to a trusted auto body shop anytime you have hit something with your bumpers, you never know how the rest of your car can be compromised.   In order for you not to increase the extent of damage in a future collision, it is crucial to replace or repair a damaged bumper.  Leading to more vehicle damage and passenger injury, they can’t readily take on that impact when bumpers are damaged.

Fix a Fender

The fender is the metal structure framing the wheel well while the bumper is the plastic component covering the front and back of your vehicle. Your alignment, steering and tires can be compromised by not addressing damage to your fender. 

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