Auto Body Repair in Ovilla, TX; Sandable & Flexible “Bondo” Car Body Filler for Plastic Panels

A new method for dent removal is ‘paintless dent repair’. Most minor imperfections can be removed without having to repaint saving money on the repair. Suction cup pullers are used to pull the dent. Or if accessible, the dent is pushed from behind until it is popped out, with little or no evidence of the dent occurring in the first place. This is the preferred method for hail damage.

Auto Body Filler for Plastic Panels

If the metal is stretched to far or is creased then more major methods are needed. For a lot of repair jobs, the replacement body parts are just primed and painted, saving on expensive labor repair costs. On older more classic vehicles the auto body technician needs to resort to his ‘magic’ and work the dent as body parts may not be readily available. For many repairs the method of resort is plastic body filler, many refer to it generically as Bondo though this a product name produced by 3M. Bondo has become the generic reference much as Xerox is synonymous with paper copies.

How are Car Dents Filled with “Bondo”?

Plastic fillers are used in body repairs where the metal has been stretched beyond its elastic limit or creased. The dent is pulled as much as possible and the area sanded down to the bare metal with 80 grit paper so the plastic filler can adhere to the metal. The filler is applied to the body and sanded to conform with the body lines. The area is primed and painted. Plastic filler if done right will last indefinitely.

Auto Body Frame Straightening

New trim is applied as it is difficult or impossible to repair. Major collision impacts tend to affect more than just the sheet metal body parts. Significant impacts will misalign the frame throwing the steering geometry into disarray. Frame straightening is part and parcel of the quality auto body repair, as the frame supports the suspension. Various adjustment can be made to the steering components to ensure a proper and effective steering. Tow-in, camber and castor have been covered before, and these must be within manufacturer’s specification to ensure proper handling of the vehicle.

Bent Rear Axle Housing

Other components need to be checked as well. It is common in a collision to have the rear axle house in rear drive cars, bent. This disturbs proper tracking of the rear end in relationship to the front end and places abnormal loads on both the axles and bearings. The housings can be straightened or may even require replacement. The year axle suspension also needs attention to detail, to check for other bent or damaged components.

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As can be seen there are other variables that need checking and adjusting other than the body work. Collision between cars and curbs tend to be destructive or least damaging to many other facets of the automobile or pickup. As with other parts the manufacturer is required to stock auto body components for 10 years after that time body parts begin to dry up rather rapidly, whereas mechanical parts may still be available for another 15 years or so. The factories only produce a minimum amount of body parts for repair. Be aware there is more to an accident that causes damage than the body damage may indicate! Top Notch Auto Body & Mechanic can handle all your minor mechanical and auto body repair needs. Contact us today!

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