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Our team at Top Notch Auto Body & Mechanics is ready, willing, and able to assist you with your minor auto repair service needs. We are clear about what repairs need to be done immediately and what can wait down the line. Our highly qualified auto mechanics are experienced and constantly being trained on the most updated tools, equipment, and technology in the complex and always changing automotive industry.

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Every time you use your vehicle, you want to know that you can rely on it to get you from one place to another. When your vehicle is less than reliable, you can rely on Top Notch Body Shop & Mechanic to make the minor mechanical repairs necessary to ensure your vehicle runs well. We work diligently to provide you with quality mechanical repairs that you can trust as you set out on the road. Here are some of the minor mechanical repairs that we offer our valued customers.

Car Diagnostic Tests

Any time you see the check engine light come on in your vehicle, it is a cause for concern. There are a multitude of problems that can cause this light to come on, and it is up to the mechanics at Top Notch Body Shop & Mechanic to diagnose the problem so that we can get to work fixing it. Whether the problem is large or small, you can count on us to make the necessary repairs that will get you back on the road in no time.

Auto Air Conditioning Repair

With the blistering weather that we often experience in Dallas, going without a functioning auto air conditioning system is out of the question. Your air conditioning problem may be as small as a need for charged freon, but no matter the size of the problem, we will find a solution to solve it.

Brake Repair & Service

Your brakes are a big part of your overall safety while driving. Proper brake maintenance will help to ensure your brakes are ready to offer you the safety you need. If you are facing any problems with your brakes like worn pads, warped rotors or other brake issues, you can count on the trusted mechanics at Top Notch Body Shop & Mechanic to ensure your brakes are ready to keep you safe on the road.

Car Tune Ups

Proper maintenance on your vehicle is the number one way to extend its life. During a tune up with Top Notch Body Shop & Mechanic, we will check all the fluid levels that keep your engine running efficiently and flush or add any of those fluids when necessary. We will thoroughly inspect your vehicle and catch any small repairs that may be present before they turn into larger, more costly repairs down the road.

Oil, Lube & Filter Changes

Your oil should be changed regularly to keep your vehicle’s engine running as efficiently as possible. No matter what vehicle you may drive, we have the specified oil that your vehicle’s manufacturer recommends using as well as high quality filters to help keep your engine in tip top shape.

Tire Balancing & Rotation

Your vehicle requires a lot of maintenance, even where the tires are concerned. Uneven wear, vibration, and potentially unsafe driving conditions are the effects of unbalanced tires. Top Notch Body Shop & Mechanic helps ensure that motorists in the Greater Dallas, Texas area keep their tires spinning around as evenly as possible in order to optimize driving performance.

Minor Mechanical Car Repairs in Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, Texas

If you are facing minor mechanical problems with your vehicle, there is no shop that you can trust more than Top Notch Body Shop & Mechanic to perform the needed repairs. We will ensure your vehicle is dependable and reliable whenever you get behind the wheel. Call us today!

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