Tips for Choosing an Auto Body Shop in Seagoville, TX; Read Reviews, Services Provided, Cost & More

Often the result of collisions, even minor ones are the blemishes and damage to the body of your vehicle. Considering so many auto body repair shops at your disposal, selecting the right auto-body repair shop that fits your criteria can be a challenge. Unfortunately, there is a considerable number of scammers or over-priced “professionals” in…

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Is it OK to Drive with Unbalanced Tires in Sachse, TX? How Do You Know if Your Tires Need Balancing & More

For some people, having balanced tires isn’t a priority. When the tire becomes unbalanced, they may cause a slight shaking, so what’s the big deal? Having your tires balanced is actually a very big deal and is important to the longevity of your vehicle. Many people do not realize the impact that unbalanced tires has…

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How Do You Repair Bent or Damaged Aluminum Auto Body Panels After a Collision in Grand Prairie, TX?

It is nothing new, the application of aluminum panels for automotive use. For years, hoods and deck lids have been made with aluminum. To help vehicles be manufactured for a specific emissions class, replacing steel parts with aluminum helps minimize weight levels. Aluminum parts are exclusively used on many luxury cars including the Range Rover,…

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