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Is it OK to Drive with Check Engine Light On in Seagoville, TX? How Do I Know if its Serious?

The engine light, also known as the check engine light or malfunction indicator light (MIL), is a small but highly significant component on your vehicle’s dashboard. When this light illuminates, it serves as a warning signal from your car’s onboard computer system, indicating that there may be an issue with your vehicle that requires attention.…

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How Long Do Headlights & Taillights Last & What Does it Mean when These Lights Go Out in Sachse, TX?

Your vehicle’s head and tail lights are essential for night time safety while you are on the road. Not only do they illuminate the path ahead during nighttime or foggy conditions, but they also ensure that other drivers are aware of your presence, direction, and intentions. With this in mind, ensuring that your head and…

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How Do You Prevent Car Door Dings & Dents in Rowlett, TX Parking Lots? Best Place to Park & More

Parking lots, while convenient, can be a minefield for your vehicle’s exterior. The risk of door dings and dents is ever-present, and they can be frustrating and costly to repair. However, with some mindfulness and a few preventive strategies, you can significantly reduce the chances of your car falling victim to these unsightly blemishes. Considering…

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What is the Most Common Damage to Cars in Lewisville, TX? Dents, Dings, Scratches & More

Auto body damage can occur in various forms, each with its unique characteristics and repair methods. Understanding these different types of damage is crucial for car owners to make informed decisions about repairs and maintenance. Today, we at Top Notch Body Shop & Mechanic would like to share some common types of auto body damage…

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How Do You Preserve the Clear Coat on a Car in Lancaster, TX? Correct Washing & Drying & More

Maintaining your car’s clear coat is crucial for preserving its glossy and pristine appearance. The clear coat is a transparent layer that protects the underlying paint from the elements, UV rays, and environmental contaminants. There are some essential tips to help you keep your car’s clear coat intact and ensure its long-lasting beauty that we…

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