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Should I Be Worried About a Fender Bender in Ferris, TX? Poor Performance of Vehicle, Protection of Passengers & More

With 40% of wrecks being this kind of incident, rear-end collisions are the leading type of car accident a driver can have in the U.S. You should still have an auto body mechanic inspect your vehicle’s small dent or scrape while you are lucky that your own fender bender wasn’t severe enough to immobilize your…

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What is the Most Common Reason for Check Engine Light in Farmers Branch, TX? Faulty Spark Plugs & More

Because when it comes on, it indicates there is a problem with the engine, ranging from mild to severe, seeing the check-engine light illuminating on the dashboard can arise many emotions to the surface. Especially when you are driving to the next destination, when the light pops on, many will get a little anxious. The…

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Are Frequent Oil Changes Necessary in Duncanville, TX? What Happens if You Don’t Change Your Oil Regularly?

A critical element to your vehicle’s routine maintenance schedule and health is ensuring the oil changes are done on a regular basis. It is critical you have the oil changed as recommended by the manufacturer and mechanical experts, usually every 3,000 miles or 3 months, if you expect your vehicle to perform well and last…

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What is the Collision Repair Process in DeSoto, TX? From Estimate & Disassembly to Repairs, Paint Prep & More

You might have feelings of bewilderment regarding the collision repair process if this is the first time you have gotten involved in a vehicle accident. We believe it is essential for every customer to understand at least the basics of the collision repair process, though many customers are only interested in the ultimate result and…

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How to Take Better Care of Your Car & Avoid Scratches While Washing, Parking, Driving & More in Cedar Hill, TX

Investing in a vehicle is a big decision. In addition to being a financial commitment, they can be another opportunity to express your sense of style. Proper care of the vehicle should be a priority for every owner. A vehicle that is marred in dings and scratches is not only unsightly, but it also lowers…

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