What Can Mess Up a Car Paint Job in University Park, TX? How Do You Keep Car Paint from Fading & More

Have you ever noticed how some cars look nice and shiny, while others look very old and dull? Why is that? Maybe it is your car that is looking dull. So how do you get your car looking shiny and looking like it is new again? If your car is still running great, then let’s make the outside of your car look just as great. Top Notch Body Shop & Mechanics wants to talk a little bit about what you can do to help keep the paint job on your car looking great and why it can get dull in the first place.

Why Does Car Paint Fade?

There are a few reasons why your car paint has started to fade. The sunlight can really be hard on your car. When the UV rays hit your car, it breaks down the paint and causes the paint to oxidize. Because this happens your car paint color starts to fade and discolor. You also want to make sure you get the right type of paint. Paint, especially the older cars, can fade faster. Another thing that can cause your paint to fade is if you have bird poop on your car make sure you clean it off as soon as possible. Bird poop and urine are very acidic and will cause your paint to fade if you don’t clean it off right away. One last thing that can make your car paint fade is not taking care of it. If you are not washing and waxing properly your car can start to fade and damage over time. So, make sure you are taking care of your car, this will help the paint last longer.

How Do You Keep Car Paint from Fading?

All of these factors that we just talked about will cause your car paint to fade. So, what can you do to help prevent it? First, you can try and buff the car yourself. Wash your car with warm water and soap, spray faded spots with clay lubricant, rub those spots with a clay bar, use an electric buffer or a wet orbital buffing pad, put on buffing compound, polish, then wipe off with microfiber cloth. If you have tried these steps on your own and are still not getting the results that you want. Then your next option is to take your car to a professional and have them fix your car’s paint fading problem. The easiest solution to your car paint fading problem is to prevent it from happening in the first place. Try to not park your car outside for long periods of time. Use a garage, or a carport, or park in shaded areas. Continue to wash your car either through a car wash or by hand by using mild soap and warm water. Wax your car every 3 to 6 months to help keep your car from looking dull.

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If you want your car to continually look nice and shiny and not dull then you should follow these few suggestions. You can also give Top Notch Body Shop & Mechanics a call and have them help you get your car looking like new again.

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