Why is My Car Paint Fading in Farmers Branch, TX? How Do You Fix Faded Auto Paint & Keep from Sun Damage?

Have you ever wondered why your car is looking older? The paint looked great when you first bought it and the car is still working great. The problem is that the paint isn’t as bright as it was when you first got it. Why is that? Top Notch Body Shop & Mechanic is going to help you understand why this happens and what you can do about it.

Why Does Car Paint Fade?

Many factors can come into play when your car starts to fade its color. If your car is left out in the sunlight all the time, the UV rays can break down the paint causing it to lose its bright color. If you get bird poop on your car, make sure you clean it off because that can ruin the paint. Bird poop is very acidic and is harmful to the paint and over time will fade the paint. Certain types of paint don’t last as long, especially those used on older cars. These seem to fade faster than others. You also need to know that improper washing and care for your car can cause your car’s paint to not last as long. Not using the right chemicals can cause build-up and end up putting scratches on your car.

Will Buffing Fix Faded Paint

When you are wanting to buff your car because you have mild fading what do you do? First, you will want to wash your car with a sponge and car washing soap. Then, spray areas that are fading with a thick layer of clay lubricant. Once the clay is on, rub over faded areas with an auto clay bar. Last, buff with an electric buffer and wipe with a microfiber cloth.

Restore a Cars Paint Professionally

If you have tried to buff your car and it is still not what you are looking for, then it is time you take it to a professional. The great thing about a professional like Top Notch Body Shop & Mechanic is that they can perfectly match the color to restore the paint finish. They have the tools they need to make sure that your car is prepared, primed, and painted properly. Giving your car the color and look you are wanting.

How Do I Stop My Car Paint from Fading?

There are ways you can help prevent your paint from fading and help it to last longer. If you can avoid sunlight on your car this can help. Yes, we know you drive outside, but if you can park your car in the garage or under something so it is not in the direct sunlight this will help with the fading. Make sure you are washing and waxing your car properly. Keeping your car clean and cleaning it with the right tools can help the paint last longer.

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Having a nice, clean, shiny painted car can go a long way to make your car look nice no matter the age of the car. If you are looking to get your car looking nice with a paint job then give Top Notch Body Shop & Mechanic a call. We have the right tools and necessary experience to properly paint your car and make it look great again. Call us for all your auto body needs.

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