Charlie E

Balch Springs TX
November 3, 2023

Top Notch came in clutch for me and my family this weekend! My daughters were visiting family members in Dallas and check engine light came on. Pulled into a AutoZone and asked for references on mechanics. They recommended three but suggested we contact Top Notch as our first pick. A quick tow over to Top Notch before they closed and an understanding they would do diagnostics on engine first thing in the morning. They called me at 10 AM with a full report that cylinder compression was fine but that we needed a coil pack on cylinder three. I asked if they could do all six and they wanted to know if I had Any Lifetime parts with Autozone or other. They were interested in saving money and providing the best quality service. They finished the job that day with a very very reasonable price. I needed to pick up the car the next morning and they informed me they were closed on that particular Saturday. However when the manager learned of our situation he personally made arrangements to come in himself and open the shop and get my daughters back underway for their trip back home to Houston. So grateful for Top Notch, their talent and their leader ship. Recommending Top Notch to all and Dallas or traveling through that has needs for maintenance. Thank you Top Notch.

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