Susan F

Dallas, Texas
November 3, 2023

LADIES YOU ARE SAFE HERE!!!!!!!!!! I am an immigrant with an accent and feel most of the time as a woman vulnerable when it comes to mechanical issues. These guys are amazing and will not rip you off! I found them by shear luck. Many garages over 3 months had made excuses not to do state inspection because lets face it they make no money and I am sure it is a pain in the neck. My car was 3 months out of date and upon driving into this busy garage I was met with a great attitude and professionalism by all staff. They did my inspection and I was out of there in 10 mins. This week I felt my car was making a strange noise. I called Top Notch and took it in this morning. They drove it. took the wheels off and completely checked everything it could be. The previous place had not put my wheels on tight enough! They were honest and told me there was nothing wrong with my car apart from them tightening up bolts etc. I drove away feeling guilty they fixed my grinding noise with no charge! This garage is ligit and honest please spread the word and give all the trade to people who deserve it! Thank you

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