Aluminum VS Steel Panel Auto Body Repair in Coppell, TX; Labor Rates, Benefits & More

When your vehicle’s body has been damaged in a collision and requires repairs, it is important to know if your vehicle uses steel or aluminum. Most people don’t realize that the type of metal used is even important, when in fact it is very important. The way steel and aluminum is repaired or corrected are very different. Top Notch Body Shop & Mechanic will explain the difference between steel and aluminum repair.

Parts Availability & Auto Body Repair Labor Rates

In general, steel parts are far easier to find and is cheaper than aluminum. In some cases in order to replace aluminum parts, you will need to contact the manufacturer directly. Repairing aluminum also takes a bit more skill and training and can be far more difficult to reshape when dented. If aluminum is reshaped or repaired and the mechanic is inexperienced they can actually damage the aluminum worse. While steel is much easier to work with, it takes less skill to weld steel. When it comes to structural differences aluminum is much lighter but stronger than steel.

Auto Body Repair Certification & Training

When a vehicle uses aluminum versus steel often you will need to look for a dealership or mechanic that offers aluminum repair. It is important to find aluminum repair specifically. Not only does it require training when it comes to repairing aluminum, it also requires a specific set of tools. If a tool was used to repair steel and then used on aluminum it can actually cause erosion and rust to accumulate on the aluminum. This is another reason why it is important for a mechanic to know how to safely and properly work on aluminum. Aluminum isn’t always a common repair service which means that finding a body repair shop can be difficult.

Auto Body Repair Costs

Aluminum costs more in repairs for multiple reasons. To start with, it is a more expensive material. Additionally, it requires training and special tools as stated. When repairing aluminum framing and due to the cost you can replace the aluminum piece with steel. Even insurance companies may only pay for steel. However, depending on the insurance company, know that they are responsible for replacing and repairing the vehicle to its original state, meaning they should pay to have aluminum parts repaired. When given the choice it is recommended to repair the aluminum versus replacing the part with steel since aluminum is worth the investment.

Benefits of Aluminum in the Body

Many modern vehicles are using aluminum parts versus steel. Aluminum parts are more environmentally friendly and can be recycled and reused in other manufactured vehicles. Aluminum is lightweight and strong which means better gas mileages. Studies have shown that aluminum helps improve safety; aluminum absorbs impacts better than steel, and helps reduce injury during a collision. You can find aluminum in most luxury and performance vehicles as well as in most Ford models.

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When looking for a repair shop to fix your vehicle that uses aluminum parts, make sure to contact Top Notch Body Shop & Mechanic. We provide body damage repair and also specialize in aluminum repairs. Contact Top Notch Body Shop & Mechanic and schedule or bring your vehicle in and begin your vehicle’s auto body repairs today.

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