Auto Body Collision Repair Myths in Balch Springs, TX; How Many Estimates Should I Get for a Car Accident & More

Experiencing a collision that leaves your vehicle a little lost for wear can be stressful and raise anyone’s anxiety levels. Following an accident, few know what steps to take to get their vehicle repaired and restore the body. Where there is more information than you may realize, there are quite a few myths that too many people take to heart. We at Top Notch Auto Body & Mechanics understand that this experience can be difficult, and we want to make it as stress-free as possible. Where it would take volumes to debunk all the myths surrounding the auto body repair process, we wanted to at least start by dispelling the most common myths concerning auto collision and auto body repair.

1) Do You have to Use the Body Shop the Insurance Company Recommends?

When it comes to auto repair, this myth is one of the pervasive and untrue myths. You have the right to take your care to whatever repair place you want to, following an accident. Being actually illegal, known as steering, your insurance company cannot try to force you to go to a specific place. Generally, in most cases, the majority of insurance companies will do is offer a list of preferred providers, ones who they have set up with to pay directly. Where they may offer recommendations or suggestions, you have the ultimate say where you take your vehicle to get restored.

2) Does Insurance Cover All Auto Body Repairs?

Depending on the type of policy you have dictates the extent of the covered repairs. Do not wait till you are in an accident to find out what your policy covers if you are unsure. Ask for the details of your policy when you call your insurance provider, or you can read through your policy documents.

3) Do You have to Hire a Dealership for Auto Body Repairs?

Many people are on under the false notion that a dealer is the only options to restore a vehicle “like new”. Using the same tools, parts, and repair guidelines as the dealerships, independent auto repair shops can ensure ideal results. In most cases, not only is the service done right, but it is done with less money and more quickly.

4) Is the Auto Body Estimate the Maximum Amount the Insurance Companies Will Pay?

According to your policy, your insurance company is required to pay. Ultimately, they must pay their share of the cost to get your car back on the road though they may talk to the repair shop and try to find a way to whittle the price down.

5) How Many Estimates Should I Get for a Car Accident?

Before the insurance company will honor your insurance and repair your car, you must get three estimates is another old myth. You only need the one estimate. It is, however, likely worth your time to shop around and get additional estimates if you are new to auto repair.

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