Auto Paint Solvent Pop Clear Coat Bubbling, Blistering & Peeling Repair on Car Hood, Panels & More in Balch Springs, TX

Why does the paint on your car bubble for no apparent reason? This is a common question and a concern for many people. When a car’s paint begins to bubble up this may lead to a new paint job even on a fairly new vehicle. There are a few different reasons why a car’s paint will bubble up and even flake off the car. Top Notch Body Shop & Mechanic will share what causes car paint bubbling and what the solution is to this problem.

Paint Bubbling on Car Hood & Panels

When tiny bubbles that develop on the surface of a vehicle are uniform across the panel, it can be due to moisture. When painting a vehicle and there is too much moisture in the airline, it will cause these tiny bubbles to occur. As the moisture is painted over, air is then trapped within and will form bubbles underneath the paint. Over time these tiny bubbles will come up to the surface and cause the paint to chip off. To repair this problem the only answer is to refinish the panel.

Solvent Pop Bubbles in Clear Coat

Another type of bubbling is called solvent pop which is due to an improper application of the clear coat of paint. If the clear coat is applied too fast, tiny pinholes will come to the surface. These pinhole size bubbles are the result of the paint needing to escape but the top skimming or clear coat was applied faster than the paint could escape or breathe. These tiny pinhole sized bubbles can be easily fixed. The pinhole bubbles can be sanded down and buffed out.

Car Paint Bubbling Due to Age

Another cause of bubbling paint is age. As the paint ages the paint will break down which is referred to as paint de-lamination. Eventually the paint will peel off leaving the surface of the vehicle exposed. Unfortunately the only fix for this problem is to repaint the vehicle.

Large Automobile Paint Bubbles

If your vehicle has paint bubbles bigger than a quarter or half a dollar size, this is a more serious problem. When there are larger paint bubbles in the vehicle, especially newer vehicles, essentially this is a sign of a poor paint job. Large bubbles could also indicate body work, poor prep, or rust underneath the paint. When large bubbles occur you can attempt to repair the paint with a patch paint kit repair. However, it is recommended to seek a professional auto body shop to repaint the sites. Often bubbles are located on a single panel or section and the entire vehicle may not require painting.

Rust Bubbles on Car Hood

When rust is underneath the paint this can be a problem if the metal was previously exposed to moisture before it was painted. There might also be small scratches that allowed moisture to get underneath the paint. Subsequently, rust formed on the metal surface of the car. Rust is another common problem for paint and frequently leads to paint peeling or bubbling. The site of the rust will need to be refinished and the rust sanded off of the metal to prevent future problems.

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