Best Way to Protect New Car Paint in Coppell, TX; Cleaning, Washing, Waxing Without Dulling

If your vehicle has had body damage that was repaired and needed a new coat of paint, or you had your vehicle repainted, there are some guidelines you will want to follow on keeping your car clean to prevent dulling the paint. After a vehicle has been painted it can take up to 90 days for the paint to completely cure. During those first 90 days your car can get very dirty, especially after rain. You can wash your vehicle. However, to prevent ruining the paint, Top Notch Body Shop & Mechanics will share how to keep your car clean while you wait for the paint to completely cure.

Cleaning & Washing the Vehicle Without Dulling or Scratching

After your vehicle has been repainted you can wash the vehicle for the first time after two weeks as well as its a gentle cleaning. When washing your vehicle, you will want to use a special formula that is a mild soap for cars such as Meguiars or Mothers automobile washing soap. Don’t use dish soap as it will dull the paint. When washing the vehicle get a towel or sponge as these are soft or scratch free. Make sure to wet the vehicle down and gently apply the soap. Do not scrub too hard. Follow up by rinsing the vehicle clean. Lastly, make sure to dry the car off with a lint free towel designed to softly dry the cars. Do not wax the car this early after painting.

Don’t Over Wash a Vehicle with New Paint

After cleaning the vehicle, wait as long as possible before you wash the vehicle again. Over washing the vehicle can increase the chance of ruining the paint. To help keep the vehicle clean longer consider keeping the car covered or in the garage. You can also use a microfiber exterior duster mop to keep the dust and dirt off of the vehicle. Avoid parking underneath trees. You don’t want bird poop on your brand new paint. Make sure to remove bird droppings quickly if they occur as they can ruin paint regardless if the paint is cured or not.

What Happens if You Buff & Wax a Newly Painted Car?

Many people don’t feel like their car is clean unless they buff and wax the car after washing. If you wax the vehicle too soon and the paint didn’t finish curing the paint will never cure properly. The wax seals the paint which prevents the paint from fully evaporating. This step allows the paint to fully harden. It is recommended you wait the full 90 days before you apply any wax to the vehicle. Once the 90 days are up wax is encouraged. Wax can help extend the life of the paint. There are a number of automobile waxes and each varies in quality. A good rule of thumb to follow is that if you use a cheaper wax, make sure to reapply a fresh coat within a few weeks. The higher quality wax the longer you can go between coats.

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New paint requires proper care to prevent damaging the paint and extending the life of the paint. When you require body damage repairs, new paint and more, contact Top Notch Body Shop & Mechanic today.

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