Best Ways to Protect Car Paint in Coppell, TX; Clean, Wax, Avoid Open Parking in Sun, Professional Touch Up & More

Having a custom paint job for your vehicle is an investment you are likely wanting to preserve. In order to retain the shine and pristine condition of the custom paint job and to extend the longevity of the paint, there are several things you can do. With this in mind, we at Top Notch Body Shop & Mechanic would like to take the opportunity to discuss these tips and suggestions to help you make that custom paint job last.

1) Regularly Clean Car Exterior

The best way to protect the paint job is to regularly wash the car. Avoid using circular motions and with a high-quality automotive soap, apply it with a foam sponge using straight lines. With clean water, rinse the surface well. Using a microfiber towel, dry your vehicle. Microfiber towels are best because the tiny scratches that over time cause paint to erode when you use paper towels, bathroom towels, and rags.

2) Wax Car Often

Guarding against dust, dirt, pollution, water, and other harmful substances, the wax provides a protective seal on top of the paint. Also, any small scratches and other minor blemishes can be concealed with wax. Using the recommended techniques, wax your vehicle every few months. Also, when you wax your vehicle, be sure to follow the directions on the label to ensure efficient application.

3) Avoid Open Parking in the Sun

Just as the ultraviolet rays from the sun are dangerous for your skin, the same ultraviolet rays are detrimental the paint job of your vehicle. Making it look much older than it actually is, the sunlight can oxidize and fade the paint on your vehicle. Park your vehicle in the shade or under a covered space whenever possible. If you have a garage, it is ideal to protect the paint job by parking in the garage as well. This simple act can add years to the life of your paint job.

4) Take Advantage of Synthetic Car Paint Coating

As an alternative to wax that bonds and permeates to the pores of your car’s paint to form a protective seal, the synthetic coating, or paint sealant lasts longer than wax and can be applied just as easily.

5) Hire a Professional for Minor Car Repairs

You can lean on your professional body shop expert to go the extra mile for the protection of your vehicle’s exterior. To restore your car back to its original look, our auto body services take care of the dents, dings, and other cosmetic damage. Also, if the paint is comprised, our professionals can take care of touch-ups and repairs to the paint as well.

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