Car Frame Straightening; Why it is Worth Fixing Bent Frames on Your Cars in Grand Prairie, TX

When you get into an accident there could be many different outcomes. Depending on that outcome can depend on how you have to fix your car. The structure of your car gets damaged during collisions. And if you ever want to drive that car again you need to fix the frame of your car. Top Notch Body Shop & Mechanic wants to help you understand what frame straightening is and why you need to do it after a collision.

What is Frame Straightening?

Frame straightening is used after there has been damage to the structure or frame of your car after a collision. If the structure of your car has been damaged due to impact, straightening the frame can ensure it has proper alignment and help it withstand future impact.

When Does Your Car Require It?

Any type of damage that puts the frame out of alignment can mean straightening is required. This damage could be as big as a head-on collisions where the front part of your car has been smashed inward towards the vehicle. It could be that there was front damage to the frame such as the side corner of your vehicle during the accident and now the front part of the frame is twisted or sags. It could even be something not as obvious that has happened to your car and you don’t even notice that there is much damage to the car. But it is important to get it checked out by a technician to make sure that you are driving safely.

How Does Frame Straightening Work?

To straighten the frame of your vehicle they will use a frame straightening machine to elevate the vehicle. Posts are then positioned around the car so they can work in different areas. Technicians will use laser technology and automation to figure out how much damage has happened and what adjustments need to be made to bring the alignment back. It is then fastened to the platform and chains from the post go onto the frame. The technician then will adjust the posts and increase tension on the chains and pull the frame back to its alignment. Each post is fitted with hydraulics and has enough power to change the position of the frame.

What Happens if Bent Frame is Not Fixed?

You may think it is not badly damaged so why do we have to fix it? If you do not straighten the frame it could cause your car to be unsafe to drive. If your car is unsafe to drive the insurance may be invalid. Driving an uninsured car can also lead to a criminal offense. When you have a frame that is out of alignment it does not protect the driver so if another accident does occur it will not protect you as well in that accident.

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After you have straightened out your frame then your car is safe to drive. If you have been in an accident and you need your frame straightened then give Top Notch Body Shop & Mechanic a call. We can make your car safe to drive again.

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