Do Airbags Protect You in a Car Crash? What Triggers Airbags to Deploy & Should You Ever Turn Them Off in Addison, TX?

As car owners, we know there are airbags in the car. It’s probably not something that we often think about. We know they are there to protect us and that is about as much as we think about. But when you get in a car accident you want to know that your airbags work properly and how they work. Top Notch Body Shop & Mechanics wants to help you understand how airbags work in a car accident.

What Triggers Airbags to Deploy?

We all know that cars have airbags. They are also called supplementary resistance systems. They are connected to a sensor that controls when the airbag comes out. So, when you get into an accident that sensor will go off and your airbag will pop out. They are located on the steering wheel, the dashboard, the ceiling, and the seats. When the sensor goes off the airbag will inflate within seconds helping protect your body

Are Airbags Effective? Do They Protect You in a Car Crash?

Many of you might ask do they even help? Is it even necessary to have airbags in the car? With airbags, they have been found to be very effective and have lowered the rate of injury and death from car accidents. Just the front airbags have been shown to reduce fatalities by themselves. So, adding the rest of the airbags from the dashboard and seats can definitely help save your life.

What are the Types of Airbags in Cars?

We just talked about there being different airbags around the car. Did you know there are, front side airbags, knee airbags, rear seat airbags, center airbags, and inflatable seat airbags? All of these airbags are designed to protect your body in different places.
-Front airbags are probably the most common ones that people know. They help protect the head, torso, and neck. These are great for a head-on collision. They are in the steering wheel and in the dashboard.
-Side airbags will deploy from the side of the seat and also from the ceiling. The ceiling airbag can also be called curtain airbags.
-Knee airbag is just that, airbags that deploy around your knees. Many times in an accident the passenger can injure their legs from their legs hitting the car. So, the knee airbags can help prevent those injuries.
-Rear seat airbags are in the back to protect your passengers. These airbags use less force than the other airbags so they won’t injure children. Not all vehicles have these airbags.
-Center airbags are only in new luxury cars and they are in the middle of the front seats.
-Inflatable seatbelts are only in newer car models and the seatbelts will puff up and help protect your torso when you are in a car accident. This helps eliminate serious injury in children and adults.

Should I Ever Turn Airbags Off?

Airbags are there to protect you. But there are a few situations where you should turn them off. In some incidences, it could cause more injury than good. If your child is under 13 years old and in the front seat, because there are no other seats available then the air bag should be turned off. If you as an adult are under 4 feet tall, if you have a baby in the front-facing car seat in the front, or if you have a medical condition and the doctor tells you it is not safe.

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