Do I Need a New Paint Job in Irving, TX? Peeling Clear Coat, Faded or Scratched Car Paint & More

No matter if your vehicle is for your business or personal needs, most people want their vehicles to look good. A paint job is crucial for the aesthetics of your vehicle. Today, we at Top Notch Body Shop & Mechanics would like to offer some signs you need a new paint job.

Faded Paint on a Car

Fading paint means that it’s starting to wear and possibly tear. For new auto body paint, this is the main reason why people bring their cars in. There are a lot of things that can cause your paint job to look unsightly. Parking your vehicle under sun exposure year after year, temperature impacting the paint, and even if you don’t wash your car enough can cause paint to fade. Grime and first can leave an uneven film and can damage the paint job. Your call will need a new autobody paint sooner than you thought if you don’t wax the car enough or at all. Fading can also happen with the passage of time of course. It is time to get it repainted if your car is still driving like new, but no longer has that shine.

Car Paint Job After an Accident

Being involved in any kind of accident is a good reason to take a look at your car’s exterior. To a severe collision can be your car vulnerable to severe issues, any scratch or ding from a fender-bender. Though it drives fine, rust can set in fast if the exterior of the car has paint bubbling or chipping.

Peeling Clear Coat on Car

A car’s first line of defense is the clear coat. Your car is immediately vulnerable to the elements and weather once this is lost. This is the clear coat separating from the base coat if you see the paint is peeling from your car. The base coat will start to lift from the body and your car will be exposed to damage after it is completely gone. This is a clear sign of clear coat failure if you see discolored areas or bubbles.

Deep Scratches in Car Paint

The paint has to be fixed whether your car was scratched by a grocery cart, keyed, or sideswiped on the highway. A professional should look at the scratches and give you a recommendation. How invasive the solution will be, depending on the severity of the scratch. Others will need a panel replacement, some scratches may be able to be buffed out, however. An auto body paint professional will help you determine what is needed if your car needs to be repainted. No matter if you’re navigating through a parking lot or pulling into your garage, this why it’s always important to drive carefully. When backing out of a tight space, double-check your mirrors when merging lanes and always check behind you.

Rust on Car Paint

Rust can happen no matter what climate you live in when the right circumstances are present. If the paint is not there to protect the vehicle from rust, you are leaving it vulnerable to it.

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