How Do You Temporarily Fix a Cracked Windshield or Other Car Window in Wylie, TX?

You are probably wondering how to get it fixed if your car’s window is broken. It can be very frustrating and inconvenient dealing with broken car windows. There are some ways to manage them temporarily if you don’t have the time and resources to get your car window repaired or replaced. Start by cleaning the glass shreds from your broken window before you can jump to fixing it in the short term. Today, we at Top Notch Body Shop & Mechanic would like to share these solutions.

Supplies Needed

Collect the Following Items
– Vacuum Cleaner
– Microfiber Cloth
– Masking Tape
– Thick Gloves (to avoid getting cuts)
– A hammer or any Heavy Tool

Cleaning the Glass Fragments

Parts of glass still stand strong on your broken window in some cases. To avoid any further accidents, removing them is necessary. To break your window free of the most stubborn pieces, wear gloves and use your hammer. Inside your car, there is a high chance of the glass falling. Use the vacuum cleaner to clear any glass on the seats, headrests, or carpets after you’re done detaching the glass. Don’t forget to vacuum the window seal as well.

Dust Away the Residual Debris from Broken Windshield

Before you cover it, it is critical to remove dust particles from the broken window. It helps in sticking the masking tape better on your broken window. Using a microfiber cloth is advised since it aids in avoiding scratches to wipe the dirt off. Be certain you take your time and clean any dust particles sitting on the window frame.

On the Window Frame, Apply Masking Tape

Why using masking tape is important is often overlooked by most people. Causing more damage than anticipated, duct taping your window directly hurts the car paint. Covering the car window with a layer of masking tape (about two inches wide) preserves the paint and eliminates the chance of residue.

How Do You Temporarily Cover a Cracked Windshield?

Below are a few solutions that are only temporary.
1) Clear Duct Tape. Generally available at home, the best thing about covering the car window opening is with clear duct tape. To ensure durability, start by taping the window with clear duct tape vertically inside first, then horizontally. Repeat the same process on the outside as well. You can keep the moisture out, duct tape covers are sturdy.
2) Crash Wraps. Crash wraps are the fastest and the easiest way to cover the car window. All you have to do is adjust them according to the size of your window, a crash wrap comes in wide plastic rolls. According to the window size, stick it against the internal side of the window and cut. For the outside of the window as well, redo the same process. Also, especially useful in protecting the car’s interior from UV lights, crash wraps are ideal.
3) Plastic Bag. It can still work if you don’t plan to use your vehicle for some time, even though a plastic bag is not too reliable. To seal your window tightly, carefully choose a thicker material plastic bag. From the inside first, start by fixing the plastic bag, then move to the outside. In order to prevent them from becoming safety hazards, note that plastic bags should be tightly packed.

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