How Often Does Oil Filter Need to Be Changed in Mesquite, TX & How Long Can You Go Without Changing?

During a routine oil change often it is asked if you will want your oil filter changed. Changing the oil filter is very important and is often disregarded and often people will go a very long time in between changes. Changing an oil filter is very important and is something you can do yourself or have done when having your oil changed. A fresh oil filter has many benefits and can help keep your vehicle running in its top conditioner. Top Notch Body Shop & Mechanics would like to share the importance of maintaining a fresh oil filter.

Are Oil Filters Necessary?

The oil filter is designed to screen out the combustion contaminants as well as the dirt and carbon deposits from the engine’s oil. The oil is your engine’s lubricant which ensures the internal moving parts of the engine can move without strain or without overheating. The oil filter prevents particles and other substances from binding up the moving parts of the engine. If particles and other debris mixes with the oil that is used to lubricate the engine, it can cause stress, engine wear and overheating. This is why it is very important that the oil filter is changed out. Over time the filter can become full of particles and dirt. Therefore, the filter will no longer maintain pure oil for your engine.

When to Change Out an Oil Filter

Originally, oil filters were changed out every 3,000 miles. However, with modern vehicles and the advances in oil and oil filtering system, you can go longer in between oil changes and a new filter. Each vehicle will vary and it is recommended to check your owner’s manual and see your vehicle’s recommended oil and oil filter changes. However, in general. you will want to change the oil and oil filter about every 7500 miles. There are other circumstances that can determine how often you should have your vehicle’s oil and oil filter changed. For example, your driving habits can determine how often you should change the oil and filter. If you do a lot of city driving and or short trips, this can demand more frequent oil and filter changes. For those who drive in the heat, pull trailers, or drive through the mountains frequently, you will also require more frequent oil and filter changes. For those who live on dirt roads or dusty environments, your filter will need to be changed out more often than the oil.

How Long Can You Go Without Changing Oil Filter?

When you go too long in between changing the oil filter it can have negative effects on your vehicle. Some effects of filter neglect can include lack of engine lubrication, oil pressure loss, premature wear and tear and engine damage. You can improve you vehicle performance, longevity and gas efficiency simply by maintaining clean oil and oil filter.

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Changing your vehicle’s oil and its filter is very important. Depending on your environment you may need to change your oil filter sooner than the oil. Be sure to maintain a clean and fresh filter to ensure the health of your vehicle. For oil and oil filter changes and more, contact Top Notch Body Shop & Mechanics and make an appointment or drop off your vehicle today.

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