Importance of Hiring Alloy Wheel Repair Specialists to Remove Scratches & Curb Damage in Grand Prairie, TX

Alloy wheels were introduced in the 1920s by casting aluminum, magnesium or a combination of both. They were uncommon and inexpensive at the time and were used for high-end sport cars because they were lighter in weight and increased handling. These wheels were popular through the 1950s and 1960s but were still only available in limited numbers. They became more cost effective when advances in alloy casting were introduced. That’s when they became the wheel of choice for a wide variety of vehicles because of their superior performance characteristics. Techniques in manufacturing became more streamlined and sales continued to increase. These lighter and more visually appealing wheels became more and more popular among normal consumers. Alloy wheels come in numerous finishes and intricate designs due to the versatility of the casting process.

Alloy Wheel Maintenance

Sometimes you need to repair alloy wheels when they become damaged so that they can continue to function the way they were designed to. Many people will have them repaired for cosmetic reasons. Alloy wheels don’t just look great they have practical benefits as well. Fixing damaged alloy wheels will help maintain driving comfort, brake performance and fuel efficiency. When alloy wheels are manufactured, they are done so with greater precision than traditional steel wheels. They are made perfectly round and provide a smoother ride. They are made with lighter metals than steel, so they don’t add extra weight to the vehicle. They have more accurate lug placement than traditional wheels too. This allows them to align more perfectly with the vehicle’s lugs. The reduced weight and rotational friction improve fuel economy. That’s good news for drivers that like to go green. Perfect round tires also improve traction. This allows the vehicle to hug the ground more closely and provides a quieter driving experience. You may notice a difference in how smooth your ride is or in handling when you have a damaged alloy wheel. Sometimes the repair is cosmetic and can be overlooked. Sometimes it needs to be repaired to maintain the efficiencies they we designed to have. Both are good reasons to preserve your investment.

Alloy Wheel Repair

You will pay extra for these wheels and when they get damaged it will cost less than having to replace them. There are DIY kits you can purchase to repair your alloy wheels. These kits are a cheaper option but rarely facilitate proper texture and paint matching. These kits tend to be a band-aid rather than an actual repair. Professional wheel repair technicians use precision metal-working equipment, industrial masking systems, space-age fillers, precision paint -matching technology and high-tech coatings to overhaul alloy surfaces. Experience professionals will correct any structural damage and restore your wheels to their original look and design.

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Vehicles look cooler better and drive better with alloy wheels. And alloy wheel repair is a cheaper option than replacement. Top Notch Body Shop & Mechanic can bring your damaged alloy wheels to their full and mechanical integrity. Give us a call today!

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