Is it a Good Idea to Wax Your Car in DeSoto, TX? What are the Best Ways to Protect Auto Paint from Fading?

In an auto body shop where we do a lot of automobile painting, we are often asked about waxing your car. Some of the common questions we get asked are “does waxing your car help protect the paint?” another question is “which wax is best for protecting your car’s paint?” Top Notch Body Shop & Mechanic would like to help answer this question and bring to light what waxing your car really does.

How Does Car Wax Work?

There is a major debate about waxing your car and if you really need to do it. What is the true purpose for waxing your car? Some will claim that waxing your car only makes the vehicle look more shiny and polished. Other people will claim that waxing your car protects the paint from the elements. First, modern automobile paint uses a colored resin to seal and protect the vehicle. Wax is nothing more than a clear resin. Additionally when painting a car, a clear resin is put over the paint so why do you need two coats of clear resin or why wax your car?

Does Car Wax Protect Paint from Fading?

When it comes to waxing there is some truth that it will help protect your car’s paint from the elements. However, there are some pros and cons to waxing your vehicle. Waxing your vehicle will help keep your vehicle looking new. The paint is shinier when you wax your vehicle. The right car wax also acts as a barrier that will protect the paint from acid rains and UV damage. In this case, waxing the vehicle seems like a worthwhile task. However, wax does scratch easily and the wax dulls quickly. To maintain a super shine and scratch free body, you will need to wax your vehicle often. The wax also allows dust, pollen and dead bugs to adhere to the vehicle much easier, so you will need to wipe down or wash your vehicle a bit more often.

Is Washing Your Car Good for It?

Where waxing is a bit over rated, you can still help protect your car’s paint by waxing your vehicle. However, the best way to protect your vehicle is with proper car washes. Most elements that damage the paint come from dirt, bird droppings and other contaminants. By washing these contaminants off of your vehicle, you will improve the longevity of the paint. If you want to combine the benefits of wax and washing your vehicle, you will only improve the life of your vehicle’s paint. It is recommended that a vehicle be washed every four to six weeks depending on the climate and that you do a detailed waxing with a quality car wax about four times a year. If you wax your vehicle, avoid matte or flat finishes and always use a quality wax if your goal is to protect your vehicle’s paint.

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There are many ways you can protect your vehicle’s paint. Wax is one way but it is not the only way. It is recommended you keep your vehicle out of sun when not in use and covered if possible. Parking in your garage is also highly recommended. For auto body and mechanical services, contact Top Notch Body Shop & Mechanic today.

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