OBD (On Board Diagnostic) Car Trouble Error Fault Codes Diagnostic Software in Ferris, TX

Every vehicle, domestic or foreign is compliant with OBD (On Board Diagnostic) trouble codes. The current standard is OBD-II. The modern vehicle (cars and light trucks) and even modern built semi-trucks utilize digitized electronics to control the various mechanical functions of the vehicle, most common is electronic engine controls. But everything from the ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System) brakes to air bag deployment depend on the functioning of electronic subsystems. In the late 90’s General Motors was the largest consumer of computer chips in the world, with between 8 to 11 subsystems depending on digitized electronic control.

OBD 2 Protocol Programming

The OBS receives information from a multitude of sensors. When there is a problem that red engine light is activated, and a code is recorded. OBD-II standard makes sure that all the codes are standardized and universal. P0171 or PO174 code is universal across the board of all auto manufacturers and is the code for an engine running lean, or a low fuel to air mixture. The advantage is that the operational system in monitored when the engine is running and controlled electronically. It is just a matter or routine to record the health of the system, and if any part varies outside of specifications an error code is recorded. Not only is the engine controlled and monitored by the OBD system but so is the transmission. Many transmission shift points are at the mercy of electronic controls. Many drivers are unaware that there are governing routines that limit the over revving thus governing maximum vehicle speed. These routines are recorded and can be used in court, not common but possible.

OBD Car Diagnostic Software

The OBD system allows the mechanic to immediately narrow the scope for diagnostic purpose and allows for more specific identification of failed parts. Many of the sensors on vehicles have a finite life expectancy. Oxygen sensors in the exhaust systems where notorious failure points in the early days. With so many interrelated modules, sub-systems, sub-routines and parts integration your car is more reliable and environmentally friendly than ever before. But failures do happen. In areas that experience high heat or temperature extremes battery life is limited to about 3-4 years regardless of the battery’s grade. The battery constitutes the primary point of failure in a vehicle. Failure can vary from corroded terminals to battery component failure. Remember that the ignition switch acts as the car’s primary electrical control. If faulty you will have no power to peripheral components like starters or engine electronics. As a mechanical device they wear. If you do a lot of urban driving, you may use the switch hundreds of times per year. Though reliable they do fail. To prevent starting in gear there is a neutral safety switch that ensures you are in Park or Neutral before the car will start. If faulty or out of alignment your ride will not start.

Anti Theft Engine Immobilizer System

Part of the ‘anti-theft’ features is the Immobilizer system. Modern keys are magnetically encoded for your car only. These keys can lose their programming and prevent the locks from reading the information system correctly. This will prevent starting. Doesn’t happen often but is does happen enough to be aware of it.

Vehicle Recalls

Car manufacturers do not make many the parts that go into your car or light truck. Airbags, tires and other components are subcontracted out to contractors. Failures may occur in a batch or there is a primary design flaw. Recalls are how the manufacturers address the problems of design or batch failures.

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