Signs a Vehicle is Totaled in Irving, TX; Not Able to Drive, Leaking Fluids, Damaged Frame & More

How do you know that your car is totaled? Often when you think of a totaled car you are thinking of someone that was just in a huge accident and that your car is beyond repair. But there can be more to consider a car totaled by insurance companies. Today, Top Notch Auto Body & Mechanics will go over the signs of having a totaled vehicle.

Not Able to Drive Anymore

A huge sign that your car is totaled is how well it actually drives. Does it start up easy and stay running? How does the interior or exterior look? Is it bent up pretty badly? What kind of smells does your car put off? And is there anything that causes you not to be able to see clearly. These are all things that you need to consider and recognize. If your car is having these problems then your car may not even be safe to drive.

Vehicle Leaking Fluids

If your car is leaking fluids, it may be considered totaled. There are certain fluids that you need in your car. They are power steering fluid, brake fluid, transmission fluid, radiator fluid, engine oil, and windshield wipers fluid. If your car is leaking transmission fluid or engine oil then there is a good chance that your car is considered totaled. But when it comes to leaking fluids in the car it can be hard to determine if it is considered totaled or not.

Car Frame is Too Damaged

When it comes to the frame of your car, if it is damaged then it could become very dangerous to drive especially at high speeds. The frame of the car is a very important part of the car, it is kind of like the skeleton of our bodies. When the frame is damaged it could cost $2000-$10,000 to get fixed depending on how damaged it is. Because it is expensive you have to consider the cost of the car versus the cost of repairing it.

Too Old & Too Many Miles

The insurance company may consider your old high-mileage car totaled. Even if the damage after an accident is not that bad. When you have high miles added to an old car the value of the car will depreciate every time you drive it. So even if you don’t get in a bad accident they will consider it totaled because it’s not worth the value to fix the car like it would be with a new car with fewer miles.

Major Damage

This is a very common one that people think of when it comes to a totaled car. It is when the high-value parts of the car have become damaged such as the engine, battery, steering wheel, and gearbox. Most of the stuff that is in the front of the car has been damaged because of an accident or some other problem and it is too expensive to fix.

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If your car has any of these signs that it is a totaled car and you have a question about your car, then give Top Notch Body Shop & Mechanic a call and we are happy to check your car out.

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