Sudden Impact Auto Body Collision Repair Work in Garland, TX; Best Fillers, Techniques & More

In the normal course of body repairs, there are numerous tools available to the auto body technician. Because of the modular nature of auto and truck bodies a lot opt for full parts replacement. These can be used parts off a junk car or new factory parts. Dents are pulled using a puller, some with a suction cup puller or a screw in puller. Then if reachable it is pounded using dollies and hammers. If the vehicle is a classic and body parts are inaccessible or because of construction a dolly hammer cannot be used the auto body technician will resort to fillers to complete the job. There are more than one kind!

Best Auto Body Filler for Rust & More

Standard Body Fillers: As a lightweight putty, standard body fillers spread easily and cure in about 25 minutes. They cannot be used on galvanized metals and are reserved for minor dents and deep scratches. Easily sanded to blend into the body contours, they are primed and painted. Lowest stain resistance of the group.
Medium Body Fillers: Adhering to a variety of body surfaces, medium body fillers are also fiberglass filled. More stain resistant than standard fillers, they are used to repair small holes, tears and cracks in both metal and fiberglass.
Premium Body Fillers: Made of quality resin that has a high stain resistant finish. They offer the best adhesion and are easily sanded. Premium body fillers are used in large area restoration or dents.

Why Do Auto Body Technicians Use Fillers?

Technician use fillers to smooth out the creases and dents and to fill in holes. Before body fillers a lot of auto body technicians would fill the holes by gas brazing and filling them using bronze rod. Not used much to day. Noting is wrong will body fillers if used correctly. A pulled dent will accept a relatively thin coating to smooth out the surface and match the body contours. Fillers offer a good surface for paint adhesion. The surface is roughened to provide good adhesion for the filler, and it cannot be applied over rust.

Aftermarket or Used Original Car Parts?

Junkyard body parts are far cheaper than new factory parts. If your ok with the use of used body parts and made aware of the source of the part, there is nothing to prevent usage of these parts. Flaws must be sanded, primer coated and painted. This applies to new parts as well as they may pick up some minor flaws in shipment.

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An experienced technician can blend the contours of the filler to the body curves. There few flat areas on a car body. Most body planes have at least some curvature to them. Even seemingly flat areas on further inspection have some topography features built in. The artistry exhibited by the auto body technician is in matching the features in the filled areas. Auto techs make body work look easy, but a true master technician can make indistinguishable repairs to the vehicles body. It is as much artistry as technical skills. Top Notch Body Shop and Mechanics hire only the best. Contact us for all your auto body needs.

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