Technology to Prevent Road Accidents in Ferris, TX; Autonomous Emergency Braking, Blind Spot Warning & More

Is there anything more terrifying that finding yourself in a car accident? If you are one of the lucky ones that has never been in an accident, you definitely don’t want to experience one anytime soon. Every day, vehicles come out with more and more technology that help drivers avoid car accidents at all costs. Top Notch Body Shop & Mechanic is here to talk about some of the top accident prevention technologies that you can find in new cars today.

Autonomous Emergency Braking

Doesn’t it sound awesome to have a vehicle that can foresee future accidents and brake to help you avoid one? This is why autonomous emergency braking technology is our first rated accident prevention technology. Many cars can sense that a vehicle needs to come to a sudden stop for some reason and will brake for you to help you avoid the accident. Using radar systems like cruise control, your vehicle may have a faster reaction time than you do and can keep you from getting in a deadly accident or hitting a pedestrian that may be walking across the street.

Blind Spot Warning

That pesky blind spot has been a crux for drivers for decades. Many new drivers will be especially not used to turning their heads to look for a car that is hiding on the side of yours. It is almost impossible to see these vehicles using only your mirrors. New cars now come equipped with blind spot warnings that will alert you using a flashing light or sound when you turn on your blinker and someone is right beside you on the road.

Lane Departure Warning

Many people struggle to stay in their lane when they are driving. This is especially true when you are tired or sleep deprived. Lane departure warnings will not only let you know what you are drifting out of your lane, but the car will attempt to stay in the lane for you while you regain your composure. This is in no way replacing driving, so you should always have your eyes on the road and be as alert as possible while behind the wheel.

Cars with Electronic Stability Control

This is a pretty cool technology found in many new cars as well. Electronic stability control is there to help cars avoid sliding out of control by applying brake pressure while killing engine power at the same time. When a driver is losing control of the vehicle, this can come in handy to help them avoid a major accident. It is said to be able to cut down single driver accidents by as much as half.

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