Teenage Driving Safety Tips to Avoid a Road Accident & Auto Body Damage in Addison, TX

Most teenagers are eager to get behind the wheel and a little more independence. Where many parents take the time to ensure their kids prioritize safety, in the heat of all the excitements, some elements can be overlooked. Being safe on the road and having a higher standard is essential for your teen and others on the road. There are a number of challenges that put teenage drivers at risk in today’s world. Teenage drivers still contribute to a large percentage of vehicle collisions, although vehicles have become increasingly safer due to innovations in technology. Today, we at Top Notch Body Shop & Mechanic would like to stress a few tips for your teen drivers.

Parents Should Talk to Teenage Drivers

Driving, vehicles, and other related topics needs to be clearly discussed and understood prior to your teenage driver spending time behind the wheel. Elaborate on various and common scenarios that they may encounter while they’re out there driving, a few examples are listed below.
1) Experiencing an auto collision
2) Approaching a fender bender on route
3) How to handle getting across a flooded road
4) When to do if the vehicle breaks down on the highway
5) What do when you run out of gas
For someone who hasn’t had to deal with it, it may be overwhelming, though these scenarios may seem like a no brainer to you and me. Hopefully, some of it will stick and be of use when they need it, though it’s not guaranteed that they’ll remember all these things.

Is Driving at Night More Dangerous?

Much more focus on the road is required when driving at night. A pedestrian walking on the side or a biker is not easily seen. If not paying attention, a teenage driver who is easily distracted can get into a lot of trouble in a matter of seconds. In the event your teenage driver has to drive at night, they should have an adult with them as a second pair of eyes.

Should I Let My 16 Year Old Drive with Friends?

For a teenage driver’s ability to drive, having friends in the vehicle can sometimes add more burden. The safety of the driver and all occupants is compromised due to loud music, chatting and fast driving. All because there is a strong desire to please friends and look cool at this age. You and your teenage driver need to agree to an acceptable number of friends in the vehicle.

Know Where Your Teen is Going

From the GPS apps on our phones, and the many other devices, most drivers rely on driving directions with help. It can cause distraction when a teenage driver is trying to look at their phone while driving, though these features are helpful feature. Make sure your teen understands how the streets are laid out, such as East-West and North-South. This helps drivers not be entirely dependent on GPS devices. Make sure your driver can easily see the map by getting a hands-free mount. This allows for both hands on the wheel. Also, teach them to read a paper map as well incase they are in a situation where the electronics on not operational for backup.

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