What are Techniques to Help Avoid Road Debris Damage to Cars in Richardson, TX?

More and more people are out on the road as the country opens up and summer activities go into full swing. You will agree that there is a good chance you might encounter a piece of debris on the road even if you travel occasionally in your car. The debris might include small wooden pieces, plastics, worn out bits of tires and metal pieces. To help you minimize the risk of getting into a collision due to debris, we at Top Notch Body Shop & Mechanics would like to share a few tips.

Maintain Appropriate Speeds

Driving at a moderate speed to avoid a debris-related collision is the most important tip. There is not much you can do to avoid a collision if in the event you are driving fast and suddenly come across debris. Driving slower will buy you much needed time to make a maneuver thereby avoiding a collision on the other hand. Without considering how close you are, the driver ahead of you might apply brakes suddenly. Driving at a moderate speed will give you extra response time to apply the brakes and avoid an imminent collision in such and instance.

Your Stopping Sight Distance (SSD) Should be a Constant Focus

When brakes are applied, stopping sight distance (SSD) is the minimum distance a car requires to stop. According to the speed of the vehicle, Stopping Sight Distance varies. Keeping eyes on the stopping sight distance and keep looking for any unwanted piece of debris on the road is highly advisable. There is a good chance you can avoid a collision with a timely maneuver if you have visibility up to the Stopping Sight Distance.

Never Follow Vehicles Too Closely

It is ideal that you keep an appropriate distance between your vehicle and the one going in front of you when you are driving on a road. You won’t be able to do anything when you see the debris by tailgating or following the vehicles too closely will decrease your response time so much. You are completely relying on the driver going ahead of you in these instances. There is a high chance that your car might collide into the one going ahead of yours if that driver applies brakes suddenly.

Notifying Authorities of Road Debris

An effort by all of us is required for road safety. It is recommended to report it to the relevant authority as soon as you can whenever you see debris on the road that might be dangerous for a car or motorist. There is nothing else more precious than a human life and your timely response can save someone’s life. To remove the debris that you reported and thereby leading to a cleaner and safer road, the responsible team will send someone.

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