What are the Best Ways Take Care of Car Paint in Ferris, TX? Assess for Imperfections, Avoid Damage & More

In most cases when the auto body needs work, most likely from a collision of sorts, the damage is repaired and repainted to restore it like new. Your body shop technicians were likely meticulous in ensuring that the new paint matched the old paint. To better protect your vehicle from rust and other concerns, paint acts like a barrier so it is important you keep it properly maintained. Today, we at Top Notch Body Shop & Mechanic would like to offer some tips.

Assess Car Paint for Imperfections

Should you notice something isn’t right, say something as soon as possible, as with any repair. Matching the original paint is usually the toughest task in painting vehicles after repairs are complete. Make sure to observe the overall color on a bright and sunny day, look up closely and at a distance, inspect for any flaw and anomalies, such as dirt, hairs, or overspray and ensure the paint is smooth and even.

Be Extra Careful Around Car Paint Job

You were probably extra careful with it, protecting its shiny new paint and treating it with some fragility when the vehicle is new. This is a great way to treat fresh paint after a major repair. Before it can truly protect your car, it needs time to cure and harden. A fresh repair is back out on the road as soon as possible, though new cars have time in a protected environment before they’re sold.

How Do You Prevent Damage to Paint Job on a Car?

The following list below can impact your daily basis, be sure to take precautions, especially if the paint is fresh.
Avoid Construction Zones & Dirt Roads. Loose gravel and dirt is often unavoidable in certain areas. While your paint is fresh, if you can, avoid dirt roads and major construction zones. It will go a long way in protecting your paint, which from flying debris, is vulnerable to chips and scrapes.
Clean Splattered Insects. Thanks to the acidity of bug splatter, it is damaging to your paint and can become permanently etched into the surface in addition to the splattered bugs on the windshield being an obvious annoyance.
Address Bird Droppings. The droppings can be full of acidic berries, hard seeds, and other grainy bits that can dull and scratch the paint on your car, as gross as it is to find bird poop on your vehicle.
Avoid Tree Sap. You can have your vehicle covered in sap when you park under a tree leaves your car vulnerable to more than damage from animals. It’s best to find another shady spot to leave your car and avoid the sticky and full of chemicals that aren’t meant to interact with car paint.
Avoid Sunlight. Your paint can be damaged by the sunlight. Just like they can damage your skin, the UV rays cause paint to dull and fade.
Regular Car Washes. Part of protecting the paint, is keeping it clean, which is important. With a soft sponge or cloth is the best way to hand-wash new paint in cool water with mild soap. Avoid dish or laundry detergent, never use chemicals, and be certain your water is clean and not full of dust and pebbles. Make sure to use a micro-fiber towel to dry it well.

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