What Causes Rust Spots on Surface of Car & How to Fix in Addison, TX; Sanding & Painting or Replacing Panel

Showing spots of rust will eventually occur at some point, especially with older vehicles. It is not uncommon to notice some spots while getting the vehicle washed. Thankfully, if in the event you notice that your car is developing these spots, there some solutions. We will look at why rust appears on your car body and what can be done about it. Today, we at Top Notch Body Shop & Mechanic would like to elaborate on rust spots.

What Causes Rust to Form on a Vehicle?

As cars get older, this outer layer may get chipped or cracked, exposing the bare metal that makes up the body of your vehicle, though vehicle manufacturers protect the metal car body with layers of protective coating and paint. With the environment causing rust, this exposed metal over even more time react. The more rust builds with the more metal that is exposed. Older cars just don’t have this kind of protection though newer vehicles are getting much tougher protection through chemical baths that make them much more resistant to chipping.

How Do You Prevent Rust on Your Car?

There are things you can do to slow down exposure to environmental elements though the build-up of rust on the car body may not be totally eliminated. Below there are a few things you can do to prevent the rusts.
1) By a certified auto body shop you need to get any auto collisions fixed properly. It may introduce cracks that can get exposed to air and cause rust if in the event the bodywork is not done right.
2) During extreme weather, park your car in a sheltered area. Leading to the paint cracking and the exposure of the metal body is extreme high and even low temperatures. Causing tears on it, snow on a car body can stick to the car as well, for those that live in snow climates.
3) To keep it from having a chance to cause much damage to your car body, wash your car regularly so that any chemical that may have spilled on your car washes off.

How Do You Remove Surface Rust from a Car

A reputable body shop may recommend a simple patch job to seal those spots and stop rust from further expansion for small rust spots. Generally, this includes involving sanding the affected area then applying primer to it and finally applying paint. This prevents further damage to the metal underneath in addition to working well for small spots. More intensive work may need to be done for much larger rust spots. It loses its structural integrity and becomes weak making that part of the car’s body unable to function as intended when the metal has rusted for quite some time. The body panel with rust may need to be removed and replaced entirely in these instances.

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If you are dealing with rust spots in Dallas, Texas, call Top Notch Body and Mechanics and let us help you remedy any existing rust spots from your vehicle’s body.

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