What Damage Can a Front End Collision Cause in Mesquite, TX? Alignment & Suspension Problems & More

Front-end collisions happen often, no matter if it’s bumper-to-bumper traffic on the interstate or a fender bender in the driveway. A vehicle collision doesn’t need to be a major accident for there to be severe damage. A minor bump can cause expensive repairs as well. Today, we at Top Notch Auto Body & Mechanics would like to address the likely damage that can occur.

What Damage Happens in a Front End Collision?

Alignment & Suspension Problems. Especially if your car has an independent suspension where each wheel is attached to its own arm, this area is particularly vulnerable in front-end collisions. Making it difficult to drive, suspension parts can break and cause alignment problems. Make certain to have your vehicle checked by a certified technician as soon as possible, replacing suspension parts usually means a tow and a lengthy repair process.
Bumper Damage. Usually, the first part of a car to make contact in a front-end collision is a bumper. To complete separation or detachment of the front bumper cover, bumper damage can vary from minor scrapes, cracks, and small dents. A car bumper can be pushed into the engine compartment in the most severe cases. With a small amount of force, front bumper covers are often made of plastic and can crack or break.
Hubs & Wheels Issues. Leading to vibration, imbalance, and other problems that make driving difficult and unsafe, a wheel can get bent out of shape in a front-end collision. The brake system can also be impacted from damaged wheels. It’s essential to be aware of the signs that you need this type of repair, hubs are expensive to replace.
Windshield Damage. This is the most common damages in front-end accidents. It can quickly grow into a much bigger problem though a small crack might not seem like a big deal. As soon as you notice damage because severe cracks and chips can compromise your safety and ability to see clearly, you should always fix your windshield.
Body Frame Damage. The backbone of the car is the body frame. To keep your interior cabin from caving in on itself during a collision as well as supporting the vehicle’s weight, provides stability. You should not drive your car, and have it checked out by a professional so further damage does not occur if you notice any dents or signs of an impact, as major damage to this area can be costly to fix.
Engine and Transmission Damage. Even minor collisions can cause problems since transmissions and engines are so tightly packed together. All possibilities in front-end accidents that seem like they should be relatively minor includes transmission fluid leaks, damage to the radiator, oil leaks, and engine damage.
Additional Damage. Additional damage that is highly likely in a front-end collision can include highlight, fender and grille damage, and hood damage. It is essential to get checked by a professional to prevent further damage even if your car seems fine after a front-end collision. Since you want to ensure your vehicle is running correctly before putting it back on the road, taking your car in for a check-up and repair after an accident is critical.

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