What Does an Oil Change Do for Your Car in Richardson, TX & What Happens if You Don’t?

Ensuring oil changes are done on a regular basis is a critical element to your vehicle’s routine maintenance schedule and health. If you expect your vehicle to perform well and last a long time it is crucial you have the oil changed as recommended by the manufacturer and mechanical experts, usually every 3,000 miles or 3 months. Oil changes, unfortunately, are often put off or neglected all together though people know they are required. It can be difficult to remember to get the oil changed on a routine schedule, especially those with hectic lifestyles. Oil changes are extremely important, and we at Top Notch Body Shop & Mechanic would like to share why.

How Often Should You Change the Oil in Your Car?

Depending on the type of oil it requires and which you elect to use, the leading experts in the manufacturing, dealership, and mechanical industries all recommend and encourage owners get their vehicle’s oil changed every 3,000-5,000 miles. You can often extend the mileage, for instance, by using synthetic oils last longer than the conventional oils do. Designers and enthusiasts are trying to create automobiles that can eventually go nearly 10,000 miles before they need an oil change as the vehicles and products continue to advance and evolve. However, your vehicle needs a change every 3k-5k miles until that happens. As mentioned, synthetic oil changes last the 5,000 miles, but they do cost a little more. If you infrequently drive, experts recommended getting the oil changed every 3 months or so as because as it sits, it collects debris and other contaminates that breakdown its efficiency.

Overdue Oil Change Can Damage Car Engine

The risk of costly and severe damages significantly increases when the oil change is neglected. With regularly scheduled oil changes, you can avoid overheating and engine sludge that is produced as the with deterioration of vehicle’s performance. Without the lubrication the oil provides to give the metal parts the smooth mobility, friction and heat can severely damage the car.

What Does Dark or Black Engine Oil Mean?

Most recognize that the dark oil in vehicle is a bad sign. Dark oil is an indication it is dirty, though it is doing its job, but does indicate an oil change is needed soon. Fresh oil is light in color, like the color of tea for instance, when it is dark when you use the dip stick to check the oil, it is dirty and needs an oil change. However, if you use dip stick and it is bare dry, there is major concern. One of the most vital fluids for your vehicle is oil and it is in your better interest to change every 3-5 thousand miles or every 3 months to make certain the oil is enhancing the engine’s performance and not hindering it.

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