What Does Oxidized Paint Look Like & How Do You Prevent Oxidation in Car Paint in Carrollton, TX?

The last thing your want is for the paint to oxidize after investing in a new paint job for your vehicle. When it comes to automobile paint, oxidation is a common occurrence. Essentially, the paint is beginning to fade in spots around the automobile once the paint begins to oxidize. The vehicle can look neglected in addition to revealing the age of the vehicle as the oxidized paint takes hold. It is important to prevent the paint from oxidizing, especially for those who may want to do a resell in the future. With this in mind, we at Top Notch Body Shop & Mechanics would like to explain how to treat paint oxidation as well as how to prevent it from occurring.

What is Paint Oxidation?

Due to exposure of the elements, the paint breaking down is generally known as oxidation. The weather has an effect on the paint when vehicles are left outside. Basically, the paint will begin to break down and the first thing that is lost, is the shine. Most often in spots, corrosion occurs that breaks down the paint next. During the summer months, the heat and oxygen accelerates the oxidation. Because of this, most industry leaders recommended to keep your vehicles out of the sun.

What Does Oxidized Paint Look Like?

Paint helps protect the outside of the vehicle from the elements in addition to giving your vehicle a shiny color. More often than not, rust will begin to eat away certain exterior components with vehicles in which the paint has oxidized and is no longer protected. Repainting the vehicle can help recover the value of the vehicle, typically when the paint oxidizes.

How Do You Stop Paint Oxidation?

Usually, there is nothing that can actually stop paint from oxidizing. You can, however, prolong the paint and slow down the oxidation process. One of the major contributors to oxidation is heat. As a result, it is highly recommended and encouraged that you keep the vehicle out of the sun and in the shade. Keep it under a car port or park your vehicle in the garage. Be certain to wash your vehicle often as well. In addition to the dirt contributing to oxidizing the paint, it also causes micro scratches in the paint that allows the sun to affect the paint.

Never Use Dish Soap to Wash a Car

Never use dish-soap or other household cleaners when washing your vehicle. Always use automobile cleaning agents instead. The wax that helps to protect the paint is can be removed by various non-auto cleaning agents. Make sure to apply a fresh coat of car wax after washing your vehicle. It will also help reduce the sun damage to the paint in addition to the wax help make your care nice and shiny. Since they do a better job protecting your vehicle’s paint, use liquid or paste wax instead of spray-on wax.

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