What Gets Damaged in a Front End Collision in Duncanville, TX? You Should Check Steering System & More

On vehicles of all sizes, front-end collisions can wreak havoc. Home to thousands of components and dozens of systems is the front end of your vehicle. Unfortunately, it can be quite costly when this region of your vehicle receives damage. After a front-end collision, we at Top Notch Body Shop & Mechanics would like to share the most common auto repairs that are necessary.

Front End Damage

After a front-end collision, the body of a car is at high risk of requiring costly repairs. From a minor scratch or two all the way up to major frame damage, the body damage received in these types of accidents can be anything. If there is any damage to your frame, it will significantly decrease the lifespan of your vehicle though most types of body damage can be repaired. It can even render your car useless if a crack or dent in your frame can ruin the structural integrity of your vehicle. The item that you collided with will affect the total amount of damage from a front-end collision by the speed at which you were traveling. Hitting a concrete barrier will likely damage your car more than hitting another moving vehicle would for instance. To ensure that there are no structurally relevant issues after a front-end collision, be certain that your vehicle’s body is inspected by a mechanic. You may need to replace your vehicle if any problems are found.

Engine or Transmission Parts May Need to be Repaired or Replaced

Meaning that damage to this region can do extreme harm to both systems, the front end of a car houses the engine and transmission. Depending on the state of the engine and the transmission, it may make more financial sense to replace your vehicle than it would to repair it, with some types of damage. There are components from pretty much every other system in your car that are nestled away somewhere in the front end on top of the engine and transmission. After a front-end collision, you may see issues with your coolant system, electrical systems, and braking systems.

Steering System May Need Repairs

Your front-end collision may have destroyed your suspension, as you may discover. Also, it is probable that the brake pump may have been damaged. When it comes to front-end collisions, the possibilities are endless. After a front-end collision, any of the components that relate to the car moving forward, such as the transaxle, driveshaft, and CV axles, are at risk of being damaged and needing replacement.

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If you have been in a front-end collision, call Top Notch Body Shop & Mechanics and let us help with the process. Our experts will assess the damage and offer an estimate. In many instances, parts will need to be replaced or repaired, and generally, the body will need a fresh paint job. Our professionals have the training and experience to get your vehicle restored after a front-end collision. We use premium products and state-of-the-art equipment to ensure high-quality, long-term results.

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