What is a Basic Engine Tune Up on a Car Consist Of in Mesquite, TX? Does it Make Your Vehicle Run Better?

Being a very necessary part of owning a vehicle, tune-ups, unlike the extended warranties we all get calls about, are extremely important. The commonly worn-out parts, including fluids, gaskets, filters, spark plugs, and other parts of the vehicle that regularly wear out that are intended to be replaced are targeted. Depending on what you drive is what the tune-up entails. Also, you are looking at a whole different list of wear items if you were driving a small hatchback with a turbocharged gasoline engine as opposed to a diesel pickup truck, for instance. With this in mind, we at Top Notch Body Shop & Mechanic would like to discuss the basics of a tune-up.

Tune Up Checklist Changes as Vehicle Ages

Because the types of things that wear on cars change as they age, tune-up recommendations change over time. Though it only suggests a fluid check at 15,000 miles, Toyota recommends getting an oil change at 10,000 miles, for example. Since it is typically around the time that those types of parts wear out, other automakers will suggest a filter change at certain intervals.

Basics of an Engine Tune Up Procedure

In addition to giving the vehicle a solid going-over to look for areas of weakness that are headed toward failure, an engine tune-up involves inspecting and replacing common wear items on your vehicle and changing the oil.
1) Fluids. Fluids include more than just changing the oil. Engine oil, transmission oil, brake fluid, and even windshield wiper fluid are all common examples of the fluids that are checked, replaced or topped off accordingly during a tune-up.
2) Wear Items on Vehicle. As part of normal operation, the term “wear items” refers to a group of vehicle components that wear out by design. Spark plugs, air filters, tires, and brake pads are a few of the common examples of wear items.

How Often Should You Do a Tune Up?

The amount of time that should be taken in between maintenance visits is your vehicle’s service interval. Most vehicles rely on other schedules for routine maintenance though you are probably familiar with tracking the time in between your oil changes. For both in-depth and routine maintenance procedures, your vehicle’s manufacturer likely defined mileage benchmarks. To monitor various systems and report issues that arise, OBD-II, or on-board diagnostics, is the system that newer vehicles use. This system uses every vehicle made after 1996 and will alert you as to when it’s time to schedule a tune up.

Can You Do a Tune Up Yourself

When it comes to doing the tune-up, many people want to know if this is a job, they can do themselves. The answer is simple, if you know the basics of mechanics and feel comfortable with the job, the decision is yours. However, especially with new vehicles, if you have doubts or no experience working with vehicle’s we strongly recommend you reach out to a professional.

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