What is Included in a Spring Vehicle Tune Up in Duncanville, TX? Check Alignment & More

The spring is a great time to make sure everything is running properly. After a cold winter and it getting warmer you want to make sure that your car is running properly. With the cold, things can happen to your car that you may not even notice. It is important to get your car checked out in the spring and get the tune-ups that it needs so that you could have a smooth drive. What are some of the things that they will do in a tune-up? Top Notch Auto Body & Mechanics outlines more below.

Rotate Tires

It is important that you rotate your tires. What better time than in the spring? When you rotate your tires it involves switching your front tires and your back tires. It is important to rotate your tires because the weight of a vehicle is not equal and the treads can be worn down unevenly? The front usually gets the brunt of the weight so it is important to rotate them.

Check Alignment

The cold winters can cause wear and tear on your suspension plus your wheel alignment. You can tell if you start to notice that your steering wheel is off-center. Meaning it is pulling to one side or the other while traveling. You may notice if you have your hand on a certain side controlling it more than the other. Or when you let go of the steering wheel it starts to veer to a certain side. When your car starts veering to one side it is one of two things. It is either uneven wear on your tire treads or your alignment is off.

Check & Refill Fluids

Your vehicle requires fluid and it is important to get regular fluid changes. Depending on your car will depend on how frequently you need these changed. It is a good idea to change out your fluids in the spring. Over the winter with the cold, some of the fluids can get thicker and more sludgy. Because this can happen with the cold you must get your fluids changed and checked in the spring.

Change Out Air Filters

Just like the air filters in your home, it is important to change out the filters in your car. Your vehicle has filters for the engine and the cabin. This is so that you do not breathe in harmful substances. The filters can start to contain mildew, mold, or allergens if not changed. Wintertime is a great time for all of these to start growing in your air filter. So, to keep you healthy and have your engine continue to run well you need to have them changed out in a spring tune-up.

Get New Wiper Blades

In the winter it can get cold and your windows become frosty or will even have snow and ice on them. When this happens you can use a scraper to scrape your windshield and have the defrost on in your car. But this can also affect your windshield wipers. You may notice you start getting streaks across your windshield. This happens when there are tears or little nicks on the rubber. It is a good idea to get your windshield wipers replaced so that you do not have problems with your windshield wipers in the spring.

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It is important to get your vehicle a tune-up in the spring. They will check everything that we have talked about above plus, test batteries, belt inspections, lights, and brakes. It is important that you make sure your car is running properly after a cold winter. If you are ready for a spring tune-up then give Top Notch Body Shop & Mechanic a call.

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