Why Hiring a Professional Body Shop for Auto Hail Damage Repair is Best in Dallas, TX; Quality Repairs & More

Hail storms can strike without warning and a number of vehicles are left outside to receive terrible body damage. When a vehicle has hail damage, the owner will look for ways to repair their vehicle. There are lots of hail damage repair kits that you can buy and apply yourself. However, these kits never work as advertised. In the end often the best course of action is to seek a professional auto body shop to help repair your hail damage. Top Notch Body Shop & Mechanic will share why it is better to leave hail damage repair to the professional.

Fast Hail Damage Repair

When hail dent or damage occurs to a vehicle, often the owner will look for their best options. You can buy DIY hail damage repair kits. However, do you have the time to repair these dents yourself? Most people live busy lives and don’t always have the time it takes to properly repair each dent. An auto body shop can repair each dent with precision. Dents can be repaired in a more timely fashion and get your vehicle back to in no time at all. For those with busy lives, the time saved as well as the efforts of a professional auto body shop is worth it alone.

Quality Auto Hail Repairs

When repairing dents due to hail damage, you can be looking at hundreds if not thousands of tiny dents covering the top of the vehicle. Hail can be the size of air soft pellets or as big as a soft ball. Dents can be pretty severe. When repairing these dents yourself, often you find that you are not happy with the result. Dent repair kits do not repair the auto body the way they advertise and will leave the vehicle owner disappointed. After working hours on repairing dents with a poor outcome, you might find it wasn’t worth the effort. A professional auto body shop can properly repair the dents and ensure a quality repair.

Maintain Vehicle’s Value

When having the hail damage dents repaired by a professional service, the repairs are of the highest quality. Due to the quality of repairs, the vehicle will retain its value. A poor repair job reveals the hail damage and the vehicle will be considered to have body damage. If you are planning on trading in or selling the vehicle in question, having the dents repaired by a professional will help the vehicle retain its value and you can get the full amount of the vehicle’s worth.

Dealing With Insurance Claims

When your vehicle has been damaged by hail and you are having it repaired, and want your insurance to pay for the repairs, the auto body shop is your greatest ally. Insurance companies are used to working with auto body shops and often will except their estimate and the repairs needed for the vehicle. If dents can be repaired without the need to repaint the vehicle, the auto shop will state that in their estimate. However, at times the vehicle will need to be repainted. If the dents were severe enough the insurance company (depending on the coverage) should pay for the dent repair and repaint if needed. However, the insurance company will want the report from a reputable auto body shop.

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