Car Painting Process in Sunnyvale, TX; Can Paint Hide Imperfections Such as Dents & Scratches etc

Do you need your vehicle repainted? Or are you seeking a custom paint job to make your ride stand out? When having a vehicle repainted there are often many questions concerning how long it takes, whether custom paint adds value to a vehicle and more. Top Notch Body Shop & Mechanic would like to share want goes into automotive repainting and hopefully answer some questions.

How Long Does it Take to Paint a Car

Many people often wonder how long a paint job can take and how long they will be without their vehicle. When having your vehicle painted, it is safe to expect a week for the entire process. However, some shops have been able to complete a paint job in three day or less. First, it is important to know that the old paint must be removed first. The surface of the vehicle is then smoothed before it is repainted. The size and type of the vehicle often determines how fast a paint job can get done. However, it safe to assume a full week.

Can Car Paint Hide Imperfections Such as Dents & Scratches?

When painting a home, often paint can help hide certain defects in the wall. This is not the case in automobiles. A fresh coat of paint can actually highlight the defect. Defects such as dents and dings on the vehicle’s body can stand out. If your vehicle has dent, scratches, holes, rust spots and pits, consider repairing the body before investing in the cost of repainting the vehicle.

How Much Does it Cost to Paint a Car?

Most people want a straight answer about how much it will cost to repaint a vehicle. You cannot receive that answer on the phone, The vehicle must be brought into the shop and be inspected. Each vehicle’s design and size varies, which means the price will vary. A lot goes into repainting a vehicle which is why each vehicle will vary in cost. Before committing you can also seek a full estimation before service.

Do Cars Increase Value if Painted?

If you have an older car and want to perhaps trade it in or sell it in the future, a fresh coat of paint can increase its value. When the paint begins to fade and the vehicle develops those faded or oxidized paint spots, the car reveals it’s age and often is a sign of neglect. Repainting your vehicle in this case can help improve the vehicle’s value. New vehicles with a great coat of paint doesn’t need a new paint job and often won’t increase the vehicle’s value.

Does Repainting Affect the Car Interior?

Many people may not realize but repainting a vehicle can affect the inside as well. Often interior components need to be removed to ensure the quality of the paint job. In some cases the interior seat, dash and console may need to be removed. These items may be damaged during the paint process which is why they are often removed. When taking your vehicle to be repainted make sure to take out personal belongings so the shop doesn’t need to worry about personal items while clearing out the interior of the car.

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When having your vehicle repainted it is important to know what is needed to get the job done right. If you have a vehicle you want repaired, or repainted, contact Top Notch Body Shop & Mechanic and schedule an estimate today.

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