Common Auto Body Repairs in Balch Springs, TX; Dent Removal, Custom Paint & More

When involved in a collision or your vehicle becomes damaged due to a hit and run, impacts, or even from hail, you often need to find an auto body shop to help you with repairs. An auto body shop sees a number of auto body repairs, some more common than others. Repairing certain body damage is like clockwork. Top Notch Body Shop & Mechanic will share some of the more common types of repair that are done in an auto body shop.

Auto Body Dent Removal

During hailstorms or when flying rocks on the freeway hits the vehicle, it will often cause minor dents in the vehicle. Minor dents may not seem like much and often the effects takes years to show. However, minor dents can lead to future problems. Dents due to hail or minor impact creates damage to the outer paint which protects the under surface of the car. Over time that small dent can weaken the paint and lead to erosion. To repair minor dents auto body shops have a dent removal service where they can gently pull the dent out without harming the paint.

Custom Auto Body Paint

Another common service in an auto body shop is painting. Painting a car is nothing like painting a home. There are a number of steps involved and the paint takes a long time to dry and cure. Often an older car is requested to be repainted to restore the vehicle’s look and value. When repainting a car, the surface is first sanded down. Once the paint is sanded down to the metal surface, a primer is then applied that protects against corrosion. Once the primer has had time to cure, then the paint is applied on top of the primer. Often it takes several layers of paint that is applied with a sprayer. The paint can take up to 7 days to dry. Once the paint is completed, a clear coat is applied to help protect the paint and give the car its high glossy look. Lastly, an exterior polish is applied that buffs and polishes the car.

Car Frame Straightening

Even in a minor accident, about 50% of all vehicles will have certain levels of frame damage. During a minor accident the outer body work is repaired but often the frame goes unchecked. This is a major mistake. The frame is often weakened and the next accident can have much more serious consequences. When repairing body damage often it is requested by the body shop to inspect and test the framing to insure the framing is not weakened or damaged. During the testing the frame is first visually inspected to see if there is any obvious signs of damages. The frame is then placed in an alignment machine to measure and correct the alignment of the frame. The machine uses a hydraulic system to force the frame back into alignment.

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