Why is My Car Air Conditioner Not Blowing Cold Air in Addison, TX? Low Refrigerant & More

When you are out and about enjoying a day in the sun you want to be able to keep your car cooled off. The spring and summer months are warm enough that you will need to start using the air conditioning in your car. The air conditioning is a huge part of how you stay comfortable in your car through the hotter seasons. There can be some problems with the air conditioning unit that is causing it to not work properly. On a blistering hot day it can seem unbearable to drive in your hot car. You want to make sure you know what could be wrong with your cars AC and what you can do about it. Top Notch Body Shop & Mechanic outlines what you need to know about your cars AC system.

Car AC May Need to Be Recharged with Freon or Other Refrigerant

When you get in your car and you start it up you know that it takes some time to cool the car off. If it has been sitting outside all the parts can be overheated and that will make it difficult to cool off quickly. After a few minutes the air should be coming out cold enough to cool the car down. If you notice that the air is not getting cold then you could have a problem with the level of refrigerant. It may be interesting to note that the level of refrigerant will lower through the years. This is something that you want to have checked at a mechanic and repaired.

Dirty Car Filter Can Affect Air Conditioning

Another problem that you may start to notice is that the air that is coming out is low. The air may be cool enough to make a change but there is not any pressure behind the air. The air that is coming out needs to be able to push through the car. The main reason that you are not getting the pressure that you want out of your air is that the filters are not being cared for properly. There is a filter in the engine compartment that may need replaced and you also need to have the cabin filter checked as well. The cabin filter is often overlooked and can become full of dirt and debris and can stunt the air that coming out. You want to have the filters checked to see if there is a change in the pressure of air that is coming out.

Bad Car AC Compressor

Another part that could be causing you trouble with your air conditioner is the compressor. The most common sign that you are having an issue with the compressor is that the AC is making noise when it is being used. There is a belt as a part of the system and when it is not able to move properly it can cause sounds like squealing coming out. This is something that will go out quickly and that needs to be repaired right away. If you start to hear these sounds from your AC it is important to see a mechanic.

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