Dangers of Elderly Drivers in Ovilla, TX; Driving Tips for Seniors to Avoid a Car Accident & Auto Body Work

No one wants to think of themselves as too old to drive. The day that you got your driver’s license at a young age gave you a whole new freedom. The day that you lose your driver’s license because a judge has ordered you unsafe or unfit to operate a vehicle can be one of the worst days to date. There is freedom in driving yourself around when you need to get from one place to another. Top Notch Body Shop & Mechanics is here to share some tips to help aging drivers avoid a collision while driving.

Driving Tips for Seniors

Following are some of the best ways that elderly drivers can avoid getting in an accident. Many of these tips are good for any drivers of any age but most definitely for older drivers.
– Physical Fitness: To be able to react quickly in certain situations, it is important that you have quick reflexes. One of the ways to maintain your balance, reflexes and strength is to stay physically fit. Take the time needed to ensure your body is up to the task of driving.
– Stimulate Your Mind: Not only should you be at your A game with your body, but your mind needs to be ready and alert as well. Make sure you are keeping your mind stimulated as well. This can be done by reading, having conversations and staying up with current events.
– Plan a Route: Before you leave to run your errands, plan out your route. Stay on roads that don’t have as much traffic and have a plan in place for how to get things done on roads you know well.
– Drive During the Day: As people get older, it is no secret that their eyesight starts to slip. This is why it’s best to stick to stick to driving during daylight hours rather than after the sun has gone down.
– Avoid Cell Phones: It is the safest to avoid cell phone usage while you are driving. If you need to make a call or set up your route using your GPS, pull over and get it done before returning to the road. It is dangerous to be distracted by a cell phone while driving.
– Be Honest: This is a tough one. You need to be honest with yourself when it comes to driving. If you may be a danger on the road, as hard as it is, you need to know when it’s time to hand your keys over and let someone else drive you around.

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