How Can You Tell when Spark Plugs Need to Be Replaced in Ovilla, TX? Difficulty Starting Car & More

It’s easy to overlook the small components of your vehicle, focusing on larger and more visible parts such as the engine or the tires. However, just as the human body needs each of its cells to function correctly, a car also relies heavily on its smaller parts. One of these are the spark plugs which play an absolutely critical role. Without them, you simply wouldn’t be able to start your car, let alone drive it. Top Notch Body Shop & Mechanic, would like to share the purpose of spark plugs and how to recognize the signs that they might need to be replaced.

Can a Car Run Without a Spark Plug?

Without good spark plugs, your car won’t run. A spark plug is an electrical device that fits into the engine’s cylinder head and ignites compressed fuel and air mixtures by an electric spark. This ignition is what creates the combustion that powers your vehicle. The spark plug also helps to draw heat away from the combustion chamber to prevent overheating. The condition of your spark plugs can greatly impact your engine’s performance. Good, functioning spark plugs ensure optimal fuel economy, smooth and strong engine power, a swift start, and a smooth idling. On the other hand, a worn or faulty spark plugs can lead to various problems, such as engine misfires, poor fuel economy, or even prevent your car from even starting.

Signs Your Spark Plugs Need to Be Replaced
• Difficulty Starting Your Vehicle: As spark plugs wear out, the spark needed to ignite the fuel and air mixture in your engine can weaken, making it harder to start your car. If you’re having trouble starting your vehicle, worn spark plugs could be the culprit.
• Engine Misfires: A misfire happens when the engine fails to fire at the right time. This can be caused by a faulty or worn out spark plug. Misfires often cause the engine to stutter, resulting in uneven or poor performance.
• Poor Fuel Economy: If you notice that your car is not getting as many miles per gallon as it used to, this could be a sign that your spark plugs are not igniting the fuel efficiently, causing your engine to burn more gas.
• Rough Idle: When your car is idling like when you’re sitting at a red light, the engine should run smoothly. If you notice a rough or vibrating sensation while idling, this can be a sign that the spark plug has an issue.
• Poor Acceleration: If your vehicle seems that it is slow to respond when you step on the gas, it might mean your spark plugs are not firing properly and reducing your engine’s power output.

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A general rule, spark plugs should be replaced every 30,000 to 90,000 miles, depending on your vehicle and the type of spark plugs it uses. Even though the spark plugs might be small, they perform a huge task in your vehicle. Recognizing the signs of worn or faulty spark plugs can save you from unexpected breakdowns and costly engine repairs. For auto repairs and more, come on down or contact Top Notch Body Shop & Mechanic today.

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