How Do You Break a Car Windshield or Other Auto Glass in an Emergency in Carrollton, TX?

For the most part, drivers never have to think about how they would break the glass in their vehicle to get out of the car. However, there are some emergencies that can pop up that leave you needing out of that car, and fast. If your door can’t open, the next best thing is to crawl out of the nearest window. That is easier said than done when you don’t know how to break the glass. Top Notch Body Shop & Mechanics is here to talk about some of the different ways that you can easily break auto glass so that you can get out fast if you ever find yourself in a position where you need to.

What Breaks a Car Window Instantly?

There are different ways that you can get auto glass to break in the case that you have an emergency and need to get out quickly. Here are a couple of the easiest ways break your auto glass so you can get out fast:
– Use the Headrest: If you are like most people, you don’t have tools at your disposal when you’re driving your vehicle. In that case, the headrest in your car can be helpful in getting the glass in your window to break. You can take it completely out of the seat and jam the bottom pegs into the place where the window goes up and down. Once they are in place, you put pressure on the headrest and pull it toward you until the window breaks. Most of the time it breaks in half and you can knock it out of the way to get out.
– Use Metal or Stone: The side and rear glass on your car is made of tempered glass. The windshield is a little different though. It has a layer of plastic-type material that makes it less likely to break. If you simply tried to use your fist to break the glass, it wouldn’t work. However, if you had a rock or a piece of sharp metal at your disposal in an accident you could use that to get through the glass.
– Hit with a Hammer: If you happen to have a hammer in your vehicle, this is a great tool to help you bust out a window. It is Important to remember that when you’re trying to break the windshield, you should attempt to break it at the edges, where it is the weakest.
– Kick with Foot: If you have nothing better to use to break the glass, you can break your window with your foot as a last resort. This is not the ideal way to break the window and will require much more effort than any of the other methods. You have to make sure you’re wearing sturdy shoes to make this happen as well.

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