DIY Suction Cup Dent Repairs VS Hiring a Professional Auto Body Shop in Cedar Hill, TX

In the State of Texas, mother nature can be rather unpredictable. Storms come without warning and sometimes hail accompanies many of these storms. Hail comes in many different sizes and when the hail is big enough, they can cause damage to your vehicle often resulting in dents and a cracked windshield. When your vehicle develops a bunch of tiny dents throughout its body, you may wonder if you should try to fix them or contact a professional auto body shop. Top Notch Body Shop & Mechanics will share the basics of hail dent repair and why you should always seek professional repairs.

DIY Hail Damage Repairs

Can I repair the hail dent damages myself? The answer is, yes. There are a number of DIY methods to repair hail dents on your vehicle. Depending on your skill or preference, there are two major methods for DIY dent repairs such as:
• Heat Gun Hail Repairs – When your vehicle has been damaged by hail and has a ton of tiny dents you can use a heat gun to repair the dents. A heat gun causes rapid heating of the vehicle body’s surface. The heat makes the metal more pliable and allows you to straighten out the dents. However, when using the heating gun method, you must be very careful and not use too much heat. Overheating the surface of the vehicle will damage the paint permanently. You will need to repair your vehicle if the paint is damaged during the dent repair process.
• Suction Cup Pulling Kits – Another easily accessible tool to repair dents is the suction cup pull tools. As the name suggests, you use a suction cup tool to bring the dents up and out. Depending on the depth of the dent, the section cup tool may not have the best results, however they are less likely to damage the vehicle’s paint.
Depending on what you can afford or are comfortable with, these are some of the better DIY methods to repair hail dent damage. However, keep in mind that results will vary.

Professional Auto Body Repairs

Hail dent damage may seem like a simple task. However, the result may not be what you are hoping for and a lot can go wrong. When you want to have the dents repaired flawlessly, you will want to seek a professional auto body repair shop. They have all of the tools needed to effectively repair the dents. Additionally, a professional can repair the dents without damaging the paint. If the paint was damaged due to the hail, the paint along with the dents can be repaired. Hail can cause scratches in the paint, or the paint chips within the surface indents. Depending on the size and depth of the dents, different repair methods may be needed. Most people do not have the tools or experience to repair the different types of hail dent damage.

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