What is a Calibration in a Car & How Does ADAS Technology Work in Coppell, TX?

Technology has come a long way, especially in cars. There are so many things out there that can help drivers be safer while driving. As a driver, you want to be as safe as you can on the road for you and the other drivers. Many advanced driver assistance systems can help drivers. What are advanced drivers’ assistance systems and what do you do if it is not calibrated? Top Notch Body Shop & Mechanic delves more into this below.

How Does ADAS Technology Work in a Car?

ADAS or advanced driver assistance systems is the newest technology in vehicles. ADAS comes in different forms. Very common ones are automatic headlights, cruise control, or windshield wipers. But there are newer ADAS today.
Lane departure warning system– helps detect if your car is going into a different lane and somebody is there. If you try to change lanes and a vehicle is in that lane a warning sound will set off. Some cars even have a warning sound if you are drifting into another lane without your blinker on and it will automatically correct the car for you.
Automatic emergency brake (AEB) system– An AEB can detect if there is an immediate crash that is about to happen. It will alert you if you do not do anything. It then will automatically apply the brakes to prevent a crash from happening.
Adaptive cruise control – Cruise control has been around for many years. But there is a new version where it can detect when you are getting close to another vehicle and it will keep a safe distance by automatically changing the speed of your car. With this, you can have cruise control on even with other cars around.
Pedestrian automatic emergency brake (PAEB) system – This system is very close to an AEB. But with this one, it can detect if there is a pedestrian on the road and will break if a crash is about to happen so you do not hit a pedestrian.

Where are Car Sensors Located?

The sensing device for the ADAS is located by the windshield. It is either behind it or directly in the windshield. This will include cameras, radar, sensors, and computer imaging software. Because it is in or around the windshield any little physical change to your car, especially your windshield, can make the ADAS start to malfunction. Which means it needs to get recalibrated.

Is ADAS Calibration Necessary

When you calibrate the ADAS it is just re-aligning the sensing device in your car. All that is required is that a technician drives your car while a static calibration process is being used with a specialist tool to help calibrate it while your car is not moving. There are certain times that you should recalibrate your ADAS. This is when you get your windshield replaced, are in a collision, changing your tires, or when your ADAS lights are flashing or on.

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By recalibrating the ADAS you can ensure that they are working properly to help you drive safer. If you believe your ADAS is off and needs calibration then give Top Notch Body Shop & Mechanic a call and have them get your ADAS back on track.

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