How Do You Keep Car Paint from Fading in Coppell, TX & How Do You Fix Faded Vehicle Paint?

Fading paint is the prime offender for ruining a vehicle’s aesthetic. In addition to the look being ruined, the value of the vehicle is affected as well. Faded paint will also leave the automobile vulnerable to the elements. Your paint can fade for a number of reasons and today, we at Top Notch Body Shop & Mechanics will share the common elements causing your paint to fade and how you can prevent it.

How Do You Prevent Fading Car Paint?

Salty Air: Salty air is a major contributor to fading paint. On the surface of the vehicle, salty air from the coast regions of Texas can cause salt crystals to develop. When salt crystals heat up, it weakens the paint. The paint will break down and the paint will thin out and fade if the salt is left unchecked for long periods of time. To remove salt crystals and prolong the health of the paint, it is important to clean the vehicle. The paint breaks down the under layer of the vehicle that is exposed to the salt and assists in the developing of rust which will begin to eat the body of the vehicle is another danger the salt presents.
Sunlight: Being very destructive to paint is sunlight as it breaks down the exterior of the paint. This is caused by the UV rays can contribute to paint oxidation, which is a process of heat and oxygen that comes together. The outer layer of the paint to dissipate and fade due to the heat from the sun over time. The larger surface areas will often fade at once. Keep the vehicle in the garage, under a carport, or shade to prevent paint from oxidizing due to the heat from the sun.
Air Pollution: The carbon exhaust from vehicles that pollutes the air, also impacts our vehicle’s paint. On the surface of the vehicle’s paint, the carbon particles in the air are like sharp tiny grains that create micro-abrasions. The beginning of a bigger problem are these tiny cuts in the paint. Paint fades once the paint begins to oxidize faster around the cuts. Maintaining a clean vehicle, protected with a layer of car wax is the best way to protect your vehicle from pollution. In addition to was making the vehicle look shiny, it provides a small layer that can protect the paint from the particles in the air.

How Do You Fix Fading Paint on a Car?

Fading paint, unfortunately, does not have any quick miracle fixes. The best option is to repaint the vehicle when the vehicle’s paint has faded. To protect the vehicle from rusting and other damages due to exposure of the elements, a fresh coat of paint will properly do the trick. To extend the life of the fresh paint, however, be certain to keep the vehicle clean and parked in the shade as must as possible. The area(s) can be repainted without the need to paint the entire vehicle if only a small section of the vehicle is affected. Keep in mind paint can be hard to match the paint perfectly, though with modern technology it is easier than ever to match the vehicle color. When it comes time to repainting your vehicle, another opportunity presents itself, which is now you can even do a custom paint job. A custom paint job will make your vehicle stand out and reflect your personality.

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