How to Fix Large Paint Chips & Touch Up Small Chipped Paint on Car in Mesquite, TX; DIY VS Professional Repair

When an automobile develops small chips in its paint, it can turn into a bigger and more expensive problem down the road. When you see paint chips on your vehicle it is important to act fast. There are a number of options you can take to help prevent further chipping as well as repair the paint. Top Notch Body Shop & Mechanic will share how to repair and prevent paint chipping and when it is time to seek professional services.

How Do Paint Chips on a Car Occur?

Chips can occur when rocks fly up and hit your vehicle. Even the smallest rock can create tiny impact damage that leads to paint chipping. When you discover your paint is chipping you will want to act right away. To repair and stop the chipping from getting worse, it is also important to repair the paint before rust sets in or you will need a total paint job.

How to Touch Up Small Paint Chips on Car

When repairing small dents yourself, you will need an auto touch-up paint that is the same or close to the same color as your vehicle. At an auto parts shop, we will have a booklet in which we can look up you vehicle’s make, model, and year to narrow down the right color. In the booklet they should list the factory color they used for that year. Once you have identified your vehicle’s color, buy a small bottle for your touch ups. You can also find paint at the dealerships if you can’t find the right color at the auto shop. After buying the paint make sure to also by a small can of auto primer.

Items Needed to Fix Small Car Paint Chips

• Auto body paint and primer
• Denatured Alcohol
• Polish Compound

How to Repair Small Paint Chips on Car

Step 1. Clean the affected area. When repairing small paint chips on your car you will first need to wash the car or at least the affected area. When cleaning around the chip you can use a cotton ball dipped in soapy water and dry the area with a soft cotton cloth. After cleaning the site, rub a dab of automotive polishing compound over the chip. Go in a swirl pattern a dozen times, don’t overdo it as you can remove the clear protective coat around the chip.
Step 2. Clean with denatured alcohol. Finish cleaning the dent sites with the denatured alcohol. When using the alcohol don’t over saturate the chip. Use a small amount on a soft cloth and clean only around the chip.
Step 3. Apply the auto primer. Next you will want to apply the primer, do it by filling in the chipped area with the primer. Have the primer fill to the point that it is touching the edge of the paint surrounding the chip. Let the primer dry which can take between 30 minutes to an hour.
Step 4. Paint over the chip. Once the primer is dry you can now apply the paint. You can use a small paint brush or an air brush to apply the paint. You will most likely need to apply two coats of paint. Make sure the first coat of paint is dry before applying the second coat. Allow the paint to dry or cure for a five day period then apply the polishing compound to protect the paint.

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