Why is My Car Air Conditioner Not Blowing Cold Air in Ovilla, TX? Automotive AC Troubleshooting Diagnosis & Repairs

Texas is known for its hot humid summer and that winters often remain warm enough that drivers must rely on the vehicle A/C to keep them comfortable. A vehicle A/C system will wear down and eventually require replacements or repair. When the A/C is beginning to fail, it will often give some warning signs that there is a problem or that future repairs will be needed. Top Notch Body Shop & Mechanic will share the common warning signs that your vehicle’s A/C system is failing.

Car Dripping Water

If the vehicle develops water stains or puddles inside, this is a common sign the A/C is breaking down. The water from the A/C system is designed to drain outside if the air conditioner is working correctly. The vehicle’s A/C system sucks the moisture out of the air and drains the water outside. Often you can see the water puddling on the ground after parking. If the A/C hoses are clogged, the water often flows inside the vehicle. If puddling occurs inside the vehicle, turn off the A/C and have the air conditioner system inspected.

Car AC Smells Bad

When using the A/C in your vehicle and you smell a musty odor, often mold is growing inside the air conditioning system. The mold can release spores inside the cabin and lead to illness after prolonged exposure. Musty or odd odors is often a bad sign that the A/C system is compromised and requiring inspection and repair. Often the coolant tank or hose needs to be replaced. However, sometimes the entire A/C system may need to be replaced.

Car AC Making Hissing or Other Noise

When running the vehicle’s air conditioning system, and it begins to make strange noises often a part is breaking or going out. Some common noises is banging and rattling sound which indicates the air conditioner fan is going out or is obstructed. Another possible problem is the air conditioner condenser or belt is bad and needs to be replaced. An experienced mechanic can often determine the problem simply by the noise.

Auto AC Leaks

An automobile uses a similar refrigerant as what is found in homes and other HVAC systems. A vehicle can develop leaks in the refrigerant tank where the refrigerant can leak out. Refrigerant usually doesn’t require the need to be refilled. When the refrigerant is low it is often due to a leak. One symptom of a leak is when the A/C won’t blow cold air. If the A/C isn’t providing cool air it may because the refrigerant is low or gone. Avoid using the A/C in the vehicle until it can be repaired.

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If you have any of these common signs, now is a good time to have your vehicle’s A/C system repaired. Repairing an air conditioner and its many components is often a simple repair that doesn’t require your vehicle to be at the shop for days.If you need your A/C system inspected and or repaired, contact Top Notch Body Shop & Mechanic. We provide minor auto repair services and specialize in auto body repair and painting. Contact Top Notch Body Shop & Mechanic today!

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